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Butler Business Consulting Group
Butler Business Consulting Group

Parking and Directions

You can find us in the Holcomb Building, Room 110.


Parking accommodations are available in the new parking garage off of Sunset Avenue. See Map


You can find directions to campus and other visitor information on the Maps & Directions page of the Butler website. Once you have parked in our new parking facility, follow the walking directions below to make your way to the Holcomb Building.

  • Head west out of the parking garage (away from Sunset Avenue) toward Robertson Hall, the red brick building with a steeple. Walk down the staircase and continue up the sidewalk toward the left side of Robertson Hall.
  • Continue past the Pharmacy Building then head south from the parking lot (left when facing Robertson Hall) toward the Holcomb building. Take the sidewalk leading through a small botanical garden. This will lead through an underpass of a building.
  • Go through the underpass and immediately turn right. Follow the sidewalk about 100 feet.
  • Take the set of stairs on the right and enter the Holcomb Building. The Consulting Group offices will be down the hallway to the left of the television monitors.