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Butler Business Consulting Group
Butler Business Consulting Group

Our Team

Consulting Group team

Bringing You the Best of Butler

Part of the reason the Butler Business Consulting Group is so successful is because of the unique combination of people it unites to create innovative solutions to improve your business. Central to the Consulting Group is our team of consultants.

Faculty Insights

When you work with the Butler Business Consulting Group, you have access to Butler’s world-class faculty members. Members of the faculty are chosen to work with clients based on relevance of business process experience, industry experience, and specialization.

Backed by Seasoned Experts 

Supporting our leadership team is the Consulting Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB is comprised of business leaders who provide guidance and strategic input. 

A Testament To Our Talent

The Consulting Group team provided us with a lot of knowledge and expertise we just don't have. Another advantage to employing the BBCG is its university backing. As a client, it was nice to know the Consulting Group had marketing professors and a school of business to fall back on. The combination of the Consulting Group's people and resources is a winning combo. I would not hesitate to recommend the BBCG to any Central Indiana business.

                    ~ Tim Estes, Director of Finance and Human Resources, Estes Design & Manufacturing

Each BBCG team member, from their most seasoned executives to their most hardworking students, contributed to building a successful relationship with us. They made us smarter and more effective and they delivered on-time solutions that were tailored to our needs.

                    ~ Mark Miles, President and CEO, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership