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Butler Business Consulting Group
Butler Business Consulting Group


For Clients

Long-Lasting Partnerships Start Here

We pride ourselves on the strong partnerships we develop with each of our clients. Part of the reason we are so successful in serving our clients’ needs is that we make sure it will be a good fit before we start working together. Butler Business Consulting Group clients are companies and not-for-profit organizations with a significant Indiana presence. Our clients have been in business for at least three years and have $3 million to $500 million in annual sales, as well as positive cash flows. 

Butler Business Consulting Group Clients

What Clients are Saying About…

The Butler Business Consulting Group

The staff at BBCG is passionate and dedicated to making sure the work gets done, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without that. We had a great experience with them and they will be my first choice in the future for any kind of consulting work.  

                                    ~ Peter Dinwiddie, Human Resources Director, FlexPac


The Consulting Group has given us the foresight to deal with issues before they become big problems. I feel that the Butler Business Consulting Group is extremely valuable to businesses in the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. I can't emphasize that enough. The last recession was tough on all businesses, and I can say our work with the Consulting Group literally saved jobs.

                                    ~ Anne Sellers, Managing Principal, Sensory Technologies

Their Fit with the Consulting Group

One reason we decided to work with the Butler Business Consulting Group team was that they had no intention of changing who we are as a firm. They looked at our current structure and procedures and worked with them as opposed to starting from scratch. From start to finish it was really great to work with Butler.

                                    ~ Lindsay Wheatley, Business Development Coordinator, Commonwealth Engineers, Inc

The project team did not just use a standard method, but instead personalized the process to meet our needs. The Consulting Group gave us methodology and enabled us to get an appointment with a prospect that we previously could not get.

                                    ~ Francis "Ollie" Martins, CEO, Standard Locknut, LLC

How We Compare to Other Consulting Firms

The difference between the Consulting Group and other consulting firms we have used is the complete and total commitment of the Consulting Group team. They have gone over and above our agreement to make sure we are satisfied. They have done a complete and total job. The final report and analysis on projects has been far more thorough than that of another consulting group that we had used in the past.

                                    ~ John Pearson III, President, Pearson Automotive

We had worked with other consulting firms in the past, but the Butler Business Consulting Group dug into the trenches of our organization to a greater degree than the others had. They got more involved. The Consulting Group's process helped us put together a plan that we could implement to address our weaknesses.

                                    ~ Pat Kennedy, President, Kennedy Tank