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Butler Business Consulting Group

Butler Business Consulting Group

The Butler Business Consulting Group is a team of experienced professionals working with companies to solve business challenges at the highest levels. With years of expertise, plus access to the University’s resources, the Consulting Group builds solutions for immediate and long-term success.

Results Oriented

The Butler Business Consulting Group is driven by results. We work with our clients to develop solutions that create outcomes in both the short- and long-term. Take a look at some of our results.

Client Profile

Since 2006, the Consulting Group has worked with over 80 clients from 19 different industries. Our deeply customized solutions allow us to work successfully with a variety of clients.

Incredibly Impressive

The Butler Business Consulting Group does incredibly impressive work. Their examination of companies is very thorough and their recommendations are on target. ~ John Barnard, Founder, Barnard Associates Inc.

Deep Connection

We have worked with other consulting firms in the past, but those firms were never able to connect with our organization on the level that the Butler Business Consulting Group did. ~ Bill Shrewsberry, President & CEO, Shrewsberry 

Consulting Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

An Innovative Business Model for Innovative Solutions

Our unique model blends the expertise of seasoned consultants, the deep functional knowledge of our faculty, and the intellectual curiosity of Butler students to develop and implement innovative solutions for our clients. It is the breadth of our resources that allows us to provide clients with teams that bring extraordinary proficiency, unique perspectives, and a broad range of abilities and insight to meet the needs of each client.

Going Beyond Recommendations

When you work with the Butler Business Consulting Group, we promise a long-term partnership. We won’t recommend solutions and leave you to implement them on your own because we are committed to seeing every project through to completion. We maintain our relationships with our clients, develop individual growth strategies, and ensure that your goals and objectives are achieved.

Our Team is Your Team

The only thing better than the solutions we deliver is our team. Every client works with a team led by a project manager with extensive consulting experience, supplemented by the brightest students Butler has to offer, and where appropriate, leveraging the expertise of world-class faculty. Meet our consultants.