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Campus Flythrough

Campus Construction

Whether it's minor maintenance or major construction, Butler's beautiful 295-acre campus is continually evolving, further distinguishing our urban University as a national and global school of choice.

Furthermore, Butler's campus evolution is an intentional effort toward advancing our educational mission through superior campus amenities, as directed by the Butler 2020 Strategic Initiative

While the following campus construction projects and infrastructure enhancements may seem like dusty inconveniences, the end result will undoubtedly position Butler University as  an innovative leader in the creation and delivery of transformative student-centered learning experiences that prepare graduates to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Parking & Directions

With several construction and improvement projects currently ongoing, campus accessibility and parking will be greatly impacted throughout the 2015-16 academic year. Butler is dedicated to being a welcoming place for all people, and your accessibility to campus is our priority.

Butler 2020

We are in the midst of achieving a bold vision for the future of our University. A vision that challenges us to strengthen our commitments while striving to continue distinguishing Butler as a school of choice and increase our national prominence by the year 2020. Many of these projects are part of that vision.

Campus Projects

Irvington House

Southwest Campus Mall / Irvington House

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Project Status: Active
Expected Completion: August 2018

Project Update (8/23/18):

With construction of the new Irvington House complete, crews are currently focused on exterior site completion of the state-of-the-art, 647-bed, suite-style residential facility, and tying the surrounding grounds into the green space that will comprise the Southwest Campus Mall.

Infrastructure separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic has been installed in between Irvington House and Atherton Union, which includes a new commercial loading area for the Butler Bookstore and Aramark food service. The new loading dock space does include some accessible parking for Atherton Union and Irvington Hall as well.

Additional development of green space in the vicinity of Atherton Union and Jordan Hall will be addressed in a multi-phase manner in order to better understand site usage and campus desires for the space.

For more information about the Irvington House and it’s amenities, be sure to visit the residence website, which also features a computer-generated fly-through tour of the facility.

LSB Building

Lacy School of Business 

We’re a business school on the rise, experiencing tremendous growth in both our enrollment and academic quality. To accommodate our needs, a new 110,000-square foot business building featuring collaborative classrooms and workspaces, a trading room, food service, and a rooftop deck is currently being constructed. The new building supports our long-term vision to foster further interaction between our students and the business community.

Project Status: Active
Expected Completion: Fall 2019

Project Update (8/23/18): Construction Progress Continues

The impressive new home for the Lacy School of Business is taking shape, with much of the building’s limestone façade being set into place. Glass has also begun to be installed on the exterior of the facility, while the skyway connection between the building and Irwin Library is being completed.

On the inside, crews are quickly approaching the September rough-in completion milestone. After that, contractors will spend next winter installing the building’s 100,000 square feet of innovative central features, including an Einstein Bros. Bagels cafe. Interior finishes will begin in June of next year, ahead of a fall 2019 opening.

Visit the Lacy School of Business website to learn more and view the Lacy School of Business flythrough


Flood Control Measures Being Installed in Holcomb Gardens

Project Status: Active

Visuals: Rendering A and Rendering B

Project Update (8/23/18): 

During the summer months, contractors commissioned by the United States Army Corp. of Engineers and the City of Indianapolis have been working along Westfield Boulevard to install flood control measures as mandated via the final phase of the  North Flood Damage Reduction Project. That work will continue south along Westfield Blvd., across 52nd Street, and into Holcomb Gardens in late August.

This means 52nd Street across the Central Canal will be closed starting around August 20th and remaining so for approximately two weeks. Those seeking to access the I-Lot, athletic fields, and other West Campus destinations will need to utilize Westfield Boulevard, 53rd Street, and Lester Street as a detour.

Likewise, those traversing Holcomb Gardens should be mindful of construction zones as crews begin erecting a flood wall along the eastern border of the property.

The flood wall erected in the Gardens will connect to, and ultimately complete, a flood levee system that extends north and east along the White River to Broad Ripple. Upon completion, the Indianapolis North Flood Damage Reduction Project will protect approximately 2,400 Midtown Indianapolis properties currently residing in a 100-year floodplain.

Butler Bowl

Additional Campus Construction Projects

Project Update (8/23/18): Electrical Duct Bank Installation

The next phase of the duct bank work is nearly complete after another summer of installations. Designed to improve power reliability, this phase of the project has improved connections along the northern portion of the main campus, running underground from Fairbanks Center, behind Gallahue Hall, past Robertson Hall, and along Lake Road in front of Holcomb Observatory up to the Parking Garage.

Additional controlled power outages are being planned in the coming weeks to in order to connect campus to the new hardware.

Project Update (8/23/18): South Campus Main Building Renovations

Initial renovations to the South Campus Main Building are nearing competition. The building, which is home to Christian Theological Seminary, is now home to the Butler College of Education, as well.

Summer renovation efforts included an upgrade in network connectivity, improved security measures, updated restrooms, new offices and academic spaces, as well as some exterior maintenance as well. New, temporary signage has also been installed on the South Campus, and will be updated with more permanent installations over the next year.