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Community of C.A.R.E.

Greek Educators Advocates and Resources

GEAR is a peer education program made up of sorority and fraternity members who promote wellbeing in their chapters. Education in alcohol abuse, sexual assault, eating disorders, healthy relationships, suicide prevention and a variety of mental health issues allows the chapter representatives to recognize at-risk behaviors in their chapter, serve as a resource to their members and help connect their peers to support available on and off campus.

Program Description

GEAR is a program for members of Greek organizations to serve as resources and models to their peers by providing education, support and referrals that promote wellness and wellbeing for Butler students.

A GEAR Representative is someone who:

  • Is available, responsive and open to all Butler students within the Greek community
  • Knows chapter members well enough to identify individual needs and concerns
  • Approaches and provides support and understanding to individuals who seem to be having difficulties
  • Acts as a first contact for individuals with questions or concerns
  • Maintains privacy and respect for the individual
  • Knows how to refer individuals to appropriate campus resources for professional help
  • Is aware of general crisis management procedures and follows one's respective national organization protocol
  • Serves as a consultant to group members and officers in dealing with situations or issues of concern
  • Serves as a liaison between group members and professional counseling staff and student affairs staff
  • Provides resources and educational information to group members
  • Seeks on-going consultation from other GEAR members and advisors
  • Participates in GEAR training, meetings and activities

Recruitment & Training

Students interested in GEAR are invited to apply annually in October. An online application form will be shared with chapter presidents for dissemination. Selected applicants will be invited to enroll in a 1-credit Peer Education course in the Spring semester which serves as the foundational training for GEAR Representatives. After their initial training, GEAR Representatives meet two times each semester for teambuilding and ongoing training. 

Fall 2018 GEAR Representatives

Name Affiliation
Laura Allman Alpha Chi Omega
Nicholas Bantz Delta Tau Delta
Kelli Brennan Delta Delta Delta
Jessica Burkley Alpha Chi Omega
Jeff Carter Phi Delta Theta
Austin Cobb Delta Tau Delta
Christina de Bustros Alpha Chi Omega
Bryan Filardo Sigma Chi

Travis Freytag

Sigma Nu

Sarah Frischmeyer

Delta Delta Delta

Jenna Gannaway

Alpha Chi Omega

Isabella Gieck

Alpha Phi
Madeline Greer Kappa Kappa Gamma

Elizabeth Hackl

Delta Gamma

Nathaniel Hall Delta Tau Delta
Megan Helfers Alpha Phi
Lyndsey Isenhower Kappa Alpha Theta

Natalie Jacobs

Kappa Alpha Theta

Nathan Jent

Delta Tau Delta

Kaitlyn Kastberg Alpha Chi Omega
Tyler Kennedy Sigma Nu
Emily Leeson Alpha Phi

Evan Lewis

Sigma Nu

Morgan Linzmeier

Delta Delta Delta

Abigail Maloy Pi Beta Phi
Jillian Moss Kappa Alpha Theta
Madeline Murray Delta Delta Delta

Stephen O'Connor

Delta Tau Delta

Brittyn Oliver Kappa Alpha Theta
Patrick Olrick Sigma Chi

Piotr Parol

Delta Tau Delta

Mary Plymale

Alpha Chi Omega

Anna Rather Kappa Alpha Theta

Samuel Reese

Sigma Nu

Hannah Reutter

Pi Beta Phi

Payton Sassano Delta Gamma
Madison Schmidt Alpha Chi Omega
Michael Schneller Sigma Nu

Anne Schroeder

Alpha Chi Omega

Derek Sims Phi Delta Theta
Emily Starr Pi Beta Phi
Charlee Striebinger Alpha Phi
Ashlyn Taylor Pi Beta Phi

Scott Weber

Sigma Chi

Emily Weiler Alpha Chi Omega
Laura White Delta Delta Delta
Amber Wickey Delta Delta Delta
Kait Wilbur Pi Beta Phi

Connor Wiley

Delta Tau Delta

Ryan Williams Sigma Nu
Mariah Zollinger Kappa Kappa Gamma

Staff Advisors

Sarah Diaz,, 940-8311
Becky Druetzler,, 940-6590
Steve Hines,, 940-9385