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CMS Student Typing at iMac in Fairbanks Classroom
Communication and Media Studies

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Speaker's Lab

A peer-to-peer tutoring organization, the Speaker's Lab assists students with the creation and delivery of both individual and group speeches or presentations. In order to provide a comfortable and relaxed yet effective environment, our trained tutors will walk students through various speaking competencies in which the student excelled, as well as where the student struggled. This is done in order to leverage strengths and to improve upon weaknesses. 

Learn more about the Butler Speaker's Lab.

Butler Summer Institute

The Butler Summer Institute is designed to allow a student to pursue a significant research question, or to contribute to a scholarly conversation, or to produce creative work, while being mentored by a faculty member, and supported by a community of equally enthusiastic student researchers, scholars, and artists.

Learn more about the Butler Summer Institute.


Demia actively works to better balance the power structure between men and women, and, in turn, the men/women binary and non-binary people, which will improve gender relations in society and give all genders the strength and courage to work toward equality.

Learn more about Demia.