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Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSD Student Profiles

Rachel Hahn ’16

Communication Sciences and Disorders
Rachel Hahn

When she was in high school, Rachel Hahn ’16 started looking for a college with a great Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) program. She thought she’d found the right one, but they told her, “We’d love to have you, but honestly, with your credentials, you need to look at Butler’s program.”

“That was something you’d never expect,” Hahn said. “I was totally shocked.”

But that turned out to be great for Hahn, who proclaimed Butler’s CSD program to be “the best program in the nation.”

“Because we don’t have a graduate program, we as undergrads get to do all the experiential, clinical experiences that are within our scope of practice and our ability,” she said. “Not only have I gotten to do the community screening with preschoolers in the Indianapolis area, I do research – I’m going to be finishing a thesis next year.”

And she’s getting to work with the Butler Aphasia Community, in a course where she will help an adult client in need of language therapy while working under the supervision of a certified speech pathologist.

Hahn, who grew up 20 minutes from campus in Zionsville, Indiana, said she also was attracted to Butler because of the opportunities it offers for service.

She’s a Resident Assistant in ResCo, a multiyear participant in Fall Alternative Break, tutoring in a local high school English as a New Language program, and worked with disabled students in the VSA Arts of Indiana program. Hahn’s community screening course in the CSD program took her to underserved areas of Indianapolis to screen kids for hearing and language problems.

“Butler has given me the experiences to become the best version of who I am,” Hahn said. “I came into college with a lot of the same values and passions that I have now. But while I’ve been here, I’ve had the experiences that have allowed me to develop those and to become confident in going after what I want and serving people in any situation.”