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Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSD Community Service

ASHA President

Butler students are committed to community service and multiple opportunities exist on our campus.  CSD students can be actively engaged in giving back to our community through our clinical practicum experiences in which they gain real life knowledge while helping those who can benefit from our skills and services.  The Butler Aphasia Community provides support using the Lifer Participation Approach to Aphasia.  Those with communication challenges meet weekly with supervised students to stimulate language skills; this is a unique opportunity for the undergraduate student to learn about working with adults.   For the younger members of our community, we take students out to area preschools to complete speech, language and hearing screenings—typically seeing 200-300 children each semester.  CSD students also join clubs that help individuals served by speech-language pathologists and audiologists, often raising funds and donating valuable time.  Service-minded students excel in our program!

For more information contact: Dr. Mary Gospel, Program Chair, at 317-940-8701.

Community Screening Practicum

Students in the CSD major have the opportunity to provide speech, language, and hearing screening services to young children enrolled in Indianapolis community schools. Students gain experiences in screening procedures, detecting possible communication problems, and interacting with young children.

For more information contact:
Ann Bilodeau, M.S./CCC-SLP, Clinic Director