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College of Education

Study Abroad Opportunities

Gaining a Global Perspective

The COE believes that “we must prepare our students for schools and communities as they could be, not simply perpetuating those that currently exist. We must be willing to explore with our students the difficult issues of inequities that exist in society and to help them to become agents of change”. In order to prepare globally informed educators, we must be willing and eager to learn with and from our international colleagues within the local community and abroad. We encourage students to take advantage of opportunities to study abroad experiences so they better understand the global dimensions of their discipline through experiential learning. We also ensure that international perspectives are explored throughout our curricula. You can read more about our approaches to preparing globally-informed educators in the articles below:

Information can be found below about the many study abroad opportunities available in the College of Education. 

October | Reggio-inspired Teaching | Italy

ED 412 | Reggio-inspired Teaching and Documentation of Learning

Travel to Reggio Emilia, Italy to participate in a conference about Early Childhood Education. The trip will include visits to several Infant-Toddler centers named the World's Best Early Childhood Centers by Newsweek magazine. Access to these schools is rare, but entry IS granted to international visitors who attend these conferences. Those who enroll in the three-credit course associated with this trip will attend several pre-trip meetings during the Fall semester, engage in a week-long visit to Reggio Emilia, and complete a culminating assignment upon their return to the United States.

Specific costs will be determined. The trip is open to all Butler students, alumni, and educators interested in Early Childhood Education. 


Next anticipated offering:  October 2020

January | Culturally Responsive Teaching | Sweden

ED 403 Culturally Responsive Teaching

In this study abroad experience in Sweden, College of Education students will be enriched by a culture where gender equality is of the essence; where an indigenous people, the Sami, have the right to preserve their land and develop their culture, traditions, language and identity; where ambitious goals for environmental sustainability are central and helped to save its wilderness from exploitation; and where there’s a history that includes Vikings, war-hungry kings, and what seems to be for now… a lasting peace ( 

This three-week course will provide students with an opportunity to explore the power of culturally relevant pedagogy through constructivist learning and teaching experiences in Swedish schools. Students will stay with Swedish families, engage in collaborative teaching opportunities alongside Swedish teachers, and explore the cultural riches of Sweden with Butler faculty including its historic capital of Stockholm and the Arctic Circle where the aurora borealis will be on full display (This 3-credit elective course will fulfill the COE cultural requirement).

The estimated cost is $2,500.

Please contact Dr. Susan Adamson at with questions and for information about application. 

Open to Seniors in the College of Education ONLY 

Current offering: January 2020 (will require a 1-2 week delay in student teaching)

Next anticipated offering: TBD


Vallentuna Voices (video) | Valentuna Voices: The Interview (video)

March | Educational Neuroscience | Costa Rica

ED 403 | Educational Neuroscience in Costa Rica

Please join Dr. Lori Desautels in Costa Rica for spring break of 2019. This week will be filled with learning about the neuroscience of our stress responses, mindfulness practices and how we can integrate this work into our communities with youth. Dr. Sally Bassett will lead this adventure as we travel to local schools sitting beside students and sharing in their learning and lives! We will spend in a week at the Samasati Retreat Center off the Caribbean Coast.  There will be yoga classes available each day, along with adventures in horseback riding along the beach, travel to the country's only wild animal rescue park, white river rafting, and much more!  Stay tuned for further details but please mark your calendar for this week of learning and adventure! This course takes place over spring break.

Contact: Dr. Lori Desautels

Current offering:  March 2019 | Accepting applications

Next anticipated offering:  TBD

May | Multilingual Learners | Dominican Republic

ED 398 | Multilingual Learners and Their Cultural Contexts

Travel to the Dominican Republic with Dr. Brooke Kandel-Cisco while earning credit for ED 398 (Multilingual Learners and Their Cultural Contexts).  The 15-day trip, with stops in Santo Domingo and Santiago, will include school visits, a meeting with an official from the Dominican Department of Education, interaction with Dominican university students studying education, historical and cultural tours and learning experiences, and a 2-3 day homestay with a Dominican family.  Enrolled students will attend several course meetings during the spring 2019 semester, participate in the two-week study abroad during the month of May 2019, and complete assignments after returning to the U.S.

Open to all students!  Email Dr. Kandel-Cisco ( for more information or visit: 

Current offering:  May 2019 | Accepting applications

Next anticipated offering:  May 2021

June | Storycraft: Legends and Lore | Norway

PCA 233/ED 403 | Storycraft: Legends and Lore

Norway is considered “one of the most beautiful countries on earth,” according to Lonely Planet!

Come see ancient glaciers and narrow fjords surrounded by steep valley sides and snow-capped peaks. Walk behind the Storseterfossen waterfall, and cycle through picturesque villages. Explore the cosmopolitan city of Oslo, and then travel back in time to the Viking village of Njardarheimr, where you can try your hand at blacksmithing and axe-throwing. Listen to the legends and lore, and make a few stories of your own as you find out why Norwegians are the happiest people on earth.

In this course we'll blend the study of craft -- the tools and techniques of storytelling -- with creation. Students will engage with stories connected to place in addition to telling their own stories, all to learn how stories work, and how they work best as a storytellers. We will hear from local storytellers, read Norse myths, and learn stories specific to Norwegian culture.

Cultural Activities

Walking tours in Oslo and Bergen
Fjord cruise
Farm stays and local storytellers
Viking village experience with modern day vikings
Cycling, rowing & hiking

Open to all students! Email Dr. Kelli Esteves ( or apply at 

Current offering: June 2019
Next anticipated offering:  Summer 2021

My Place in the World: Intersections of Self, Community, and Culture

ED 409 | My Place in the World: Intersections of Self, Community, and Culture

Information coming Fall 2019

This opportunity is open to all Butler Students, faculty and staff.  Email Chris Price for more information.


Next anticipated offering:  May 2020


Global Children's Literature

ED 307 | Global Children's Literature

Information coming in Fall 2019 

Open to all students!

Email Dr. Kelli Esteves

Next anticipated offering:  Summer 2020


Semester-long Opportunities

Butler COE students have opportunities to study abroad all over the world! Options include Uppsala University (Sweden), Education University of Hong Kong, University of Tasmania (Australia), and more.

If you are interested in studying abroad for a full semester, please attend an information session led by The Center for Global Education and visit for more information. Talk to your advisor and Dr. Kelli Esteves, Coordinator for Global Experiences for the College of Education, for more information.