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College of Education

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February 1, 2016:  Dean Shelley Honored for Contributions to Teacher Education
February 18, 2016:  Dean Ena Shelley Receives National Edward C. Pomeroy Award from AACTE
September 18, 2019:  A Word from Our Owners - Butler College of Education

IPS/Butler Lab School 60

November 3, 2015:  Stories of Impact: A Different Approach to Learning at Butler’s Lab School
July 8, 2015:  Insect Hotel in Indianapolis
January 30, 2016: Butler Lab School: Inspiring Children to Transform the World
October 20, 2016:  Member Voices: Listen to the Children
March 13, 2017:  Yoga Gives Lab School Students Time to Breathe
April 7, 2017:   Reggio Approach is a Success at Butler Lab School 60
July 31, 2017:  Teacher Invites 20 of Her Students to Serve as Flower Girls, Ring Bearers in Her Wedding (text and video)
August 14, 2017:  Butler Lab School Receives PNC Foundation Grant
August 24, 2017:  IPS, Butler Look to Replicate Successful Lab School
September 20, 2017:  IPS and Butler Plan to Create a Second Lab School (text and video)
No Mean City: Encouraging Inventiveness at Butler Lab School

IPS/Butler Lab School 55

August 23, 2017:  With Another Butler Lab School in the Works, the North Side is Unofficially a Magnet Magnet
August 24, 2017:  IPS, Butler Look to Create 2nd Successful Lab School, Eliminate Student Waiting List 
September 27, 2017:  IPS and Butler Plan to Create a Second Lab School (text and video)
July 13, 2018:  Rebirth at School 55 
August 6, 2018:  Demand Prompts Second Lab School's Launch (text and video)
August 10, 2018:  Popularity, Success Spark Second IPS/Butler Lab School 
October 24, 2018 An Emerging Type of Learning in Central Indiana (podcast)

AACTE Research-to-Practice Spotlight Series

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) blog posts with embedded video interviews

April 3, 2018:  Butler University Featured in Clinical Practice Spotlight Videos 
April 10, 2018: Butler Lab School a 'Dream Come True" for Dean, Partners
April 17, 2018:  Butler Partnerships Open Doors, Renew Practice


College of Education Videos

2012: Dean Ena Shelley speaks at TEDxIndianapolis | Solutions Within (video)
February 18, 2016:  Dean Ena Shelley Edward C. Pomeroy Award Acceptance Speech (video)
February 20, 2018:  Vallentuna Voices (video)
February 20. 2018:  Valentuna Voices: The Interview (video)
April 13, 2018:  Inside INdiana Business | Butler Creates Second Lab School (video)


AACTE Research-to-Practice Spotlight Series

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) featured videos from blog posts (direct links to videos)

April 3, 2018:  Butler University Featured in Clinical Practice Spotlight Videos 
Introductions: Butler Clinical Practice Participants

April 10, 2018: Butler Lab School a 'Dream Come True' for Dean, Partners
Dean Shelley Discusses Butler University's Clinical Partnerships
Bringing Reggio Methodologies and Values to the Clinical Partnership
Coteaching Benefits Multiple Parties in the High School Classroom
Advice to Others Interested in Starting a Similar Partnership Program

April 17, 2018:  Butler Partnerships Open Doors, Renew Practice
Leverating the Clinical Practice Model to Merge Theory with Practice
Good Communications a Critical Foundation of Strong Partnerships
Partnership Work Reflects, Strengthens Community
Variety of Lenses Assess Program Impact
Partnership Brings 'Ever-Present' Opportunity for Simultaneous Renewal


Great Teaching Faculty Videos

Backward Mapping | Dr. Shelly Furuness
Integrated Arts |  Dr. Arthur Hochman
Response to Intervention | Dr. Kelli Esteves
English as a New Language | Dr. Brooke Kandel-Cisco


SALT Project | Emmy award-winning production company videos

These videos have been produced in collaboration with the IPS/Butler Lab School 60.

"I See: A Poem by Raki" (video)
"Kid Advice for the Next President" (video)
"The Hundred Languages" poem by Loris Malaguzzi (video)


EPIC Superintendent Academy Testimonial Videos

Debbie Howell | Superintendent, Franklin School Corporation
Scott Olinger '85 MS '89 | Superintendent, Plainfield School Corporation
Dr. J.T. Coopman | Executive Director, IAPSS | Co-facilitator, EPIC Superintendents Academy
Dr. Jeff Butts | President, IAPSS | Co-facilitator, EPIC Superintendents Academy | Superintendent, MSD Wayne Township