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Will I be assigned a clinical site for my Advanced Internship?

No, you will work collaboratively with the clinical supervisor to select an internship. We will assist you in the process of reviewing sites, applying, and interviewing for mental health internship placements. We have an ever-evolving list of potential placements, but it is the student's responsibility for finding a suitable internship. We also encourage you to share with us any potential sites at which you have a personal contact or in which you may be interested.

What would be the hours of my internship?

The required hours will be determined by your specific site placement. However, most mental health placement sites will require daytime hours. There may be limited opportunity to complete internship hours on evenings or weekends. Most sites will ask that you are there a minimum of 2 days per week throughout the semester. 

When is internship?

Approximately 12 students will be placed in spring internship and the remaining 12 students will be placed in summer internship. Students may need to travel to internship sites.

Where can I learn more about the State of Indiana requirements for LMHC licensure?

It is important to read all the requirements for licensure at the State of Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

Is financial aid available for the LMHC program?

Yes, federal loans are available for this program.  For more information, contact Butler Financial Aid 317-940-8200 or