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College of Education

Alternative Special Education Licensure

The Alternative Special Education Licensure Program offers working adults an innovative route to state licensure in mild intervention (grades PreK-12), and a way to enter the teaching profession with the support and name recognition of the highly respected faculty in the College of Education. 

US DOE Gainful Employment Disclosure Requirement

Program Highlights & Requirements

Program Highlights

Twelve credit hours from this program may apply as electives toward the Master’s in Effective Teaching and Leadership (METL) degree.

Program Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • A 3.0 cumulative GPA or GRE score of 301 or Miller Analogy Test (MAT) score of 396.
  • Successful completion of the CASA exam OR one of the following
    • ACT score of 24 (Math, Reading, Grammar and Science)
    • SAT score of 1100 (Critical Reading and Math)
    • GRE score of 1100 (Verbal and Quantitative) prior to 8.1.11
    • GRE score of 301 (Verbal Quantitative ) after 8.1.11
    • A Master's degree from an accredited institution
  • Two Letters of Recommendation  
  • Interview with Butler faculty
  • Applicants must provide evidence of having achieved a 3.25 or higher in the following subjects: Math, Social Science, Natural Science, English.
Other Requirements

Candidates completing Alternative Special Education Licensure program must meet all academic requirements for provisional licensure at the appropriate level in the state of Indiana. Persons with misdemeanor or felony convictions may not be eligible for licensure.  Candidates are responsible for completing additional requirements as mandated by the State of Indiana.

Testing Requirements

Prior to Admission

CASA Exam OR equivalent 

During Program

CPR/Heimlich/AED Training
Suicide Prevention Training

Plan of Study

Note: Schedules for courses are not finalized until one semester prior.

Summer I—6 hours

ED 480  Foundations of Teaching Children with Differences (2 credit hours)
ED 583  Characteristics of Children Needing Mild Intervention (3 credit hours)
ED 492  Special Education Law (1 credit hour)

Summer II—9 hours

ED 490  Assessment (3 credit hours)
ED 491  Behavior Management (3 credit hours)
Literacy Elective  (3 credit hours)

Fall Semester—9 hours

ED 479  Collaboration (3 credit hours)
ED 408  Foundations of Effective Reading (3 credit hours)
ED 584  Psychology of Learning (3 credit hours)

Spring Semester—6 hours

ED 589  Intense Field Experience (3 credit hours)
ED 454  Assistive Technology (3 credit hours)

Total Program = 30 Hours

Twelve credit hours from this program may apply as electives toward the Master’s in Effective Teaching and Leadership (METL) degree.

To search for when required classes are offered, please visit the course search.

If you have trouble finding a course or have questions about the course schedule, please contact Registration and Records at 317-940-9203.

Are You Interested in Learning More?

While we are not currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year, we would love to know more about you and your interest in this program. Please share your questions with Dr. Theresa Knipstein Meyer, Coordinator for the Accelerated Alternative Special Education Program, at or 317-940-8493.