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College of Business

Graduate with 4 years of experience.

At the Butler College of Business, hands-on learning starts right away.

On day one, you’ll experience the “Get Real Weekend.” It teaches you to think outside the box, and introduces you to real-world business concepts. You’ll learn to manage your first million before you make it with real markets—and real money—in the University Finance Lab. You’ll start a business, complete two internships, and gain mentors and lifelong contacts.

You won’t just be prepared for success. By the time you graduate, you’ll have already achieved it.  

Real Business Experience

All students take this sophomore-level course in which they work in teams to develop a viable business plan, present the concept to a panel of executives and if funded, have the option to start and run the business for credit and profit.

Two Internships Required

Students interview for and complete two internships for credit, with guidance from a career mentor. The College has a network of over 2,000 internship employers and many internships turn into post-graduate employment.

College Highlights

College of Business Investments

Student Managed Investment Fund

Finance students work in teams with a professional money manager/advisor and manage $2 million in actual endowment funds. They have beaten their benchmarks every semester since inception of the class. The class started with $1 million and did such a good job managing the fund that the University provided them with another million to manage.

COB students

Butler MBA Gateway Experience

Students kick off their graduate coursework with a one-day immersion experience with a local business. Students work in competitive teams to develop the best solution to a problem currently faced by a local business or non-profit. 

Butler Business Consulting Group

Butler Business Consulting Group

Part of Butler University’s College of Business, The BBCG is a consulting business designed to serve Indiana companies by offering innovative strategies that support profitable growth. Our experienced professionals leverage the University’s resources to help solve business challenges. From strategy to marketing, sales, operations, and financial management, our professional team and subject matter experts work alongside clients to build solutions that have immediate and long term results. Learn more.