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Center for closely held businesses
Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business


Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business Membership


Members take control of their business’s future, without having to do it alone. With access to trusted advisors, resources, and practical strategies, members become part of a best-in-class community built to successfully grow their business. Whether it means keeping a business in the game, restructuring, growing, or transitioning, our model is built to support goals as defined by members.


Our 4-pronged approach creates continual value for members through:

Assessing Value & Current State

Annual evaluation of your business and its impact in present day.​

  • Business Assessment Summary 

Goal Identification

Defining where you want to be and by when.

  • Applying current state assessment data to future goals
  • Defining the trajectory of the business
  • Clearly defined and documented goals and milestones
  • Managing change on the road to achieve goals

Business Road Mapping

Reverse engineering goals into a practical path of success, as defined by you.

  • How to capitalize on strengths and opportunities
  • Minimize operational weaknesses and threats
  • Leverage vetted partner expertise to fuel growth

Measurement & Reporting

Clear reporting on how goals, roadmap, and milestones are progressing.

  • Annual check-ups
  • Operational assessment’s impact on progress
  • SWOT re-evaluation
  • Reporting back on culture survey
  • Feedback loop on how customer and employee satisfaction is driving value