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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Featured Courses

CH360, Modern Issues in Biochemistry—Dr. Hoops

Have you ever wondered what biochemistry is? Modern Issues in Biochemistry (CH360) is geared toward second semester sophomore biochemistry majors; that means that you can take this class even if you have not yet had biochemistry! We will take a closer look at how gains in scientific knowledge are advanced and made public. Thus, in this course, textbooks, lectures, and problem sets will be replaced by reading journal articles from the primary literature; quizzes and exams will be replaced by discussion and debate. The role of the professional biochemist in these greater scientific endeavors will be introduced, along with the professional training required for someone to become a “biochemist.” Bring your enthusiasm for exploring the biological world at the molecular level and a willingness to approach science coursework in a different way!

CH432, Synthesis and Characterization—Dr. O'Reilly

In Synthesis and Characterization, CH432, we are going to make compounds—synthesis—and then use various techniques that we have available to figure out what we have made—characterization. This semester, the course focuses on making compounds in the area of inorganic chemistry. That means most of the compounds we make will contain a metal or it means that we will use a compound containing a metal in the synthetic process. The class emphasizes working together as part of a team to meet a common goal while learning to use advanced synthetic techniques. As part of the class you will learn how to take a procedure reported in the scientific literature and actually do it in the lab. Things often do not turn out as expected but the course provides students with a real idea of what making chemical compounds is all about.