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Graduates with ACS Certification

Congratulations to Cameron Wright, Cole Seager, Emily Pool, Bretta Tate, Cassie Marsh, Zach Towle, and CJ Koch!

2019 Boot Camp August 19-23

Research boot camp is a short-term experience designed to provide second and third year students with hands-on, research training outside the regular semester. The workshop is designed for students to work in teams of three to five with a faculty mentor on a research project. Through the project, students will learn the basics of how to conduct undergraduate research including laboratory techniques, safety, ethics, etc. Students will be able then to continue to work with most of the faculty members in the chemistry department, including the faculty mentors involved in the boot camp. 

During the semester, there is rarely enough time to really concentrate on research. By taking time out at the beginning of the semester, students will be more comfortable with the skills needed to do research and will be able to work more independently earlier. It will be a great way to get a jump start on research!

Students will be provided with a small stipend of $150 and one or two meals a day. Early move-in is available to students with on campus housing. Students in Greek housing or off campus apartments will need to find their own housing options during the program. 

If you are interested, please provide the name of a faculty reference and a short one-page description of why you are interested in undergraduate research to 


Drug Development Research

An article by Dr. Jeremy Johnson and Dr. Erik Larsen was recently featured on the cover of Drug Development Research special issue


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