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Center for Faith and Vocation group photo
Center for Faith and Vocation

Interfaith Opportunities

CFV Interfaith Council-2018-2019

Butler's CFV Interfaith Council looks to promote interfaith dialogue and inclusion within the Butler and Indianapolis community. This dialogue will occur through extensive conversations as a Council across a diverse set of spiritual, religious and philosophical backgrounds. The Council will create broader community events to promote religious appreciation. 

Members of the Council must be committed to interfaith relationships, value teamwork, and aspire towards leadership on campus. The Council will function as a team and work together to engage the Butler community.


Applications will be made available in August 2018.

CFV Interfaith Outing
CFV Interfaith Council and friends help "Keep Indianapolis Beautiful".
CFV Interfaith Council Art Project
CFV Interfaith Council make art together!

Current Interfaith Opportunities

Butler University Seminar on Religion and Global Affairs

The 2018-2019 seminar  on "Sacred Places: Intersections of Religion and Ecology" sponsored by the Center for Faith and Vocation. BCR event.

A New View Film Series

The series will take place every other month from September 2018 to March 2019 at Butler University's Eidson-Duckwell Recital Hall (located adjacent to Robertson Hall) beginning at 6:30 PM.

The series is free and open to the public. BCR event.


One of the primary ways the CFV creates interfaith programming is through the CFV Interfaith Intern.  The interfaith intern is responsible for conceiving of and promoting interfaith events amongst the various student religious organizations at Butler.


Check out our and read about the amazing opportunities that our students have experienced in faith-based and social justice organizations.

Community Participation

The CFV is in partnership and collaboration with various faith-based organizations in the Indianapolis area, which assist with developing and creating interfaith opportunities for Butler students.

Butler Community Multifaith Events

We believe people from diverse faith background can dialogue, participate, and engage authentically.  However, prayer, worship, and other spiritual practices may be challenging to do with integrity and authenticity in interfaith settings.  For this reason, the CFV works to design “multifaith” services where various traditions are represented and shared into a space of diverse audiences who have the option to participate or observe as they choose.  This is the approach for the Multifaith Prayer Service during Welcome Week and the Multifaith Baccalaureate Service prior to Commencement. 

Multifaith Service Welcome Week

A time to welcome new and returning students, the Center for Faith and Vocation's Multifaith Service offers prayers and readings by ordained clergy and student leaders from a variety of faith traditions.

Student Leaders Dinner at the Dankos
CFV Student Community Leaders enjoy a dinner gathering at the home of President and Mrs. Danko

Interfaith Mission Statement

One of the key missions of Butler’s Center for Faith and Vocation is to encourage interfaith dialogue in the Butler Community.

  • This is done through networking: inspiring the Butler Community to create meaningful relationships, celebrate differences, and develop mutually beneficial communities between people of different faiths, philosophies, spiritualities, and points of view.
  • This is done through education: delving into questions of personal faith and learning about others’ beliefs and practices.

We hope that these opportunities, provided by the CFV, will help to build stronger communities both at Butler and in the world at-large. We hope that through a deeper understanding of faith and its role in society, individuals will nurture lasting friendships and will be prepared for a multi-faith, multi-cultural world for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional impact on the world.

All CFV interfaith programming will incorporate both networking and educational components. Networking means connecting Butler students, CFV affiliate groups, on-campus partners (such as the Diversity Center and the Religion Department), and /or the community at-large,with each other.


Educational components means providing programs that have a clear question which expands participants’ literacy and/or experiences with one another and includes reflection, discussion, and an avenue for follow-up.

Programming Guide 
When planning CFV interfaith activities, there is a programming guide available to assist with achieving these mission goals. CFV affiliates, staff, and interfaith council, as well as BU partners are eligible to propose interfaith programming.