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Center for Faith and Vocation group photo
Center for Faith and Vocation

CFV Communities at Butler

Butler strives to create a welcoming and inclusive campus for all religious identities; in accordance with this goal, we have a variety of religious accommodation

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Athletes in Action- a CRU Ministry

Student contact

Maddie McLean,

Faculty/staff advisor

Brian Landis,

Community advisor

Matt Williams,

Our purpose is to help college athletes and coaches explore and grow in authentic faith in Christ.

  • Spiritual mentoring (discipleship) for Christian athletes
  • Team Bible studies and chapels 
  • Large group meetings during the week
  • Retreats, conferences, and mission trips

Facebook page “AIA Butler Bulldogs”.

Butler Catholic Community

Student contact:

Grace Hall,

Emmett Weil,

Faculty/Staff advisor:

Sr. Kathleen Hood,

Community advisor:

Anna Stankewitz,

  • The BCC is a Catholic Community that seeks to serve the world through acts of charity, mercy, and love and, in doing so, to serve Christ and bring only goodness into the world.

  • They work together with other faith traditions to bring peace by volunteering at local churches, food pantries, and summer travel opportunities for service.

  • The Catholic Church at Butler University works with students to grow faith in the busy college world and offer a place of open, nonjudgmental discussion for the questions that may weigh heavy on your shoulders.

  • There are a variety of options for involvement offered including Sunday Mass, midweek Mass, retreats, Small Groups, Liturgy, One-on-One meetings with the Director of Campus Ministry and more.

Butler Hillel

Student contacts:

Lauren Carrier,

Maddie Pines,

Faculty/staff advisor:

Hilene Flanzbaum,

Community advisors:

Lisa Frank,

Nonie Vonnegut-Gabovich,

  • Open to all faculty and students, Hillel at Butler serves as an on campus Jewish environment. It caters to the Jewish population within the university and provides education from a Jewish perspective to Jewish and non-Jewish students alike.

  • Among events offered are monthly Shabbat services and dinners, a weekly meeting with a volunteer advisor, holiday observances and group activities, and community participation.

  • Join to gather with Jews in celebration, observance, social action, and discussion. In joining, you can learn how to become involved in any of the five Synagogues close to Butler’s campus.

Butler Meditation

Student contact


Faculty/Staff Advisor:

Marguerite Stanciu,

Community Advisor:

Ben Leslie,

Meditation is a helpful way to calm and focus the mind. Joint together to practice Mindfulness Meditation at the Center for Faith and Vocation on Saturdays from 2:00-3:00 PM with refreshments to follow. 

Butler Muslim Student Association

Student contact:

Manahil Nadeem,

Faculty/staff advisor:

Nermeen Mouftah,

“Our mission is to provide support and programming for both Muslims and Non-Muslims that increases the awareness and appreciation of our religion on Butler's campus.”

  • The MSA provides opportunities for Muslim students to get involved in campus life with discussion and event planning participation with a focus on interacting with other CFV communities on a personal level.

  • The organization is active and hosts 10-12 events each semester. Some possibilities for these events are trips to local mosques for Jum’muah (Friday) prayer, halaqa (guided discussion) participating in Relay for Life, dinners with other CFV communities, and “Ask a Muslim Day” where any student can ask any question about Islam while enjoying provided treats!

Cru - an evangelical Christian ministry

Student contact:

Kaitlyn Beebe,

Sam Burchett,

Faculty/staff advisor:

Mike Trombley,

Community advisor:

Jeff Daratony,

Kailene Lewis,

“Our desire is to be a movement of people who are seeking to know Jesus and make Him known on our campuses, in our city, and to the world.”

  • Cru is a Student Ministry for university students with 1,740 active communities on college campuses. In 2011, they had 25,000 missionaries in 191 different countries.

  • Cru hosts weekly meetings on Butler’s campus at the Cru House, 519 W. Hampton Drive which is right next to BUPD. They offer prayer, discussion about how the Bible applies to student life, and about God and how he moves through the campus, city, and the world.

  • Community groups are the primary way of getting involved.

Delight Ministries

Student Contact:

Jessie Surridge,

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jeanne Valentin,

  • Inviting college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories

  • We are a college women's community that grows together, serves together, learns together and does life together while chasing the heart of God. 

  • Focused on sustaining Christ-centered communities on college campuses. We utilize curriculum that tells the real stories of college women chasing the heart of God. We are committed to regularly making time for community events and service opportunities.


Grace Unlimited - a Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry

Student contact:

Alex McGrath,

Faculty/staff advisor:

Brent Hege,

Community advisor:

The Rev. Charles Allen,

  • Supported by Episcopalians, Lutherans, and all people of faith and good-will, Grace-Unlimited is a campus organization with leaders who claim convictions, but no final answers.

  • Grace-Unlimited cites six main values that they hold; progressive, traditional, inclusive, biblical, contemplative, and activist.

  • Drawn to make a difference, involvement in movements for the common good is a part of their activism.

  • Some regular activities are held by Connect, a small group that meets weekly; there is also a Sunday community worship service each week during the school year.

  • Everyone is welcome to join this adventurous community of faith including those of all ethnicities, gender identity, orientation, or societal class.

LCMSU (The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod)

Student contact:

Ian Veen,

Faculty/Staff Advisor:

Christopher Wilson,

Community Advisor:

Pastor Seth Mierow,

“College is tough. You need Jesus. We’ll help.”

  • A confessional Lutheran student group on the campus of Butler University together with St Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church, an LCMS-U chapter.

  • LCMS U is the place to continue and grow your faith in the complex world of college where biblical worldview, doctrine, ethics, and practices are challenged.

  • This is a place that gives students substantive opportunities to grow their faith in a college environment that can be filled with doubt. They seek to do this through Christ and spreading the word of God on campuses nation-wide.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Student contact

George Gregory Papadeas,

Faculty/Staff Advisor:

Catherine Bringerud,

Community advisor:

Father David Wey,

  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official collegiate campus ministry program under the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. OCF is charged with connecting Orthodox college students—and those interested in the Orthodox Christian faith—to Christ and His Church.

  • Among the events offered is training of lay and clergy volunteers and students for leadership roles in the organization and outside of it as well. This happens at the annual Summer Leadership Institute.

  • Here at Butler, Father David Wey leads prayer weekly or bi-weekly at the CFV.

Secular Student Alliance

Student contact:


Faculty/Staff advisor:

Sally Childs-Helton,

  • The Secular Student Alliance empowers secular students to proudly express their identity, build welcoming communities, promote secular values, and set a course for lifelong activism.

  • We envision a future in which secular students lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, thrive as valued members of society, and provide visionary leadership committed to humanistic ideals and critical inquiry.

  • The Butler SSA holds events regularly to allow members to interact, establish bonds, and learn about all the world has to offer. The organization hosts field trips to movies and museums to then foster discussion about the events and explore the possible religious implications in a secular context. Students meet weekly to plan events and spend time together.

United Methodist Student Movement

Student Contact: Dyanna Dorman,

Staff Advisor: Tracy Sprunger,

Community Advisor: TBA


“We are called to share with our campuses the transformational nature of Christ in a way that raises up a new generation of thoughtful, articulate Christians who care about making the world a better place.”

  • The UMSM is an open global network of students connected to The United Methodist Church through their college, local church, campus ministry, or university. They are interested in growing together in discipleship, faith, and leadership development.

  • At Butler, the local UMSM offers Bible studies, service opportunities, and mission trips.

  • The UMSM strives to perform projects that are life, church, and world changing.

Voices of Deliverance Gospel Choir

Student contact: William Blakely,

Faculty/staff advisor:Bobbie Gibson,

“Serving the community and increasing diversity are an integral component of the choir’s mission, as music is the universal language, which speaks to the soul and brings about unity.”

  • The Voices of Deliverance Gospel Choir was organized with the guidance of the Butler University Black Student Union.

  • The choir is interdenominational and open to all students or alumni regardless of previous musical experience.

  • This group travels locally as well throughout the Midwest and southern regions. While traveling the choir may attend the Black Sacred Music Festival in Charleston, West Virginia, Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and Howard University in Washington, DC.

Young Life

Student contacts:

Tori Maddock,

Braxton Martorano,

Faculty/staff advisor:jnmccord

Nick Abel,

Community advisor:

Jaime McCord ,

  • Young Life is about building mentorships with adolescents. At Butler University, the students serve as mentors to high school age students in the surrounding Indianapolis community. The focus is on the mentee and nurturing them and supporting them through a genuine interest and care.

  • Butler Young Life students meet regularly on campus in the CFV for Bible studies and faith formation conversations.

  • Mentors are charged with praying for the young people, going to where the kids are, building personal relationships with their mentees, providing fun and life-changing experiences, and guiding these younger people to develop skills within the context of religion, hand-in-hand with Jesus Christ and His teachings.