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Center for Citizenship and Community
Center for Citizenship and Community

CCC Staff Alumni

  • Ellen Ambrosone '02
    Student Researcher
    Current: PhD student at the University of Chicago; South Asian Languages and Civilizations

  • Katie Andreasen '08-'10
    CCC Director of Marketing and ACE
    Current: Executive Assistant at Momentum Equity Partners

  • Jessica Bantham-Thomsen '04-'05
    Student Researcher/ ACE with the Community Research Lab
    Current: Congressional Staffer - NV Sen. Harry Reid

  • Danielle Bargo '07
    ACE at KYC
    Current: Health Economist at Health Economic Research Centre at University of Oxford

  • Anne Marie Baumer '07-'09
    ACE/Web Site Content Manger
    Current: Account Executive at Miron Communications

  • Krista Bennie (Wilson) '06
    Current: Actress, Singer, Songwriter

  • Adam Bonner '11-'12
    Video Consultant
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Lindsay Bowles
    CCC Research Assistant
    Current: Graduate student at Vanderbilt University/ Case-Based Learning Curriculum Development Vanderbilt University

  • Phil Bradley '05-'06
    ACE at KYC
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Justin Brady '07
    ACE at Second Starts
    Current: Nonprofit Communications & Fundraising Professional at Achieve Guidance

  • Marlin Bruns '05-'07
    ACE and Dance Instructor at KYC
    Current: Teaches dance at KYC

  • Jeannie Butzow '10
    Public Relations Program Coordinator for CCC
    Current: Awaiting Update

  • Caitlyn Carmony '12-'13
    ACE Reconnecting to Our Water Ways and Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Chelsea Carroll '11-'13
    ACE Nur Allah
    Current: Senior elementary education major/ Student Teacher

  • Josh Clark '01-'03
    Interview Transcriber/ Student Researcher
    Current: Graduate student at University of California, Irvine; Anthropology

  • Aaron Cote '06-'07
    ACE/Drummer for Dance at KYC
    Current: Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Seaside Consulting, Inc./ Owner, Percussion Artist & Educator at Cote Percussion

  • Diana Cox '03-'06
    Research Assistant
    Current: Grants and Data Specialist at The Julian Center

  • Tara Cravens '15-'16
    IRSC AmeriCorps Member
    Current: International Relations Graduate Student at University of Indianapolis

  • Angela Cruse-Jones '01
    BAC/ CCC Researcher
    Current: Building Administrator of the Early Learning Center at Brook Park

  • Carly D'Agostino '10-'11
    ACE A Caring Place
    Current: Pharmacy Resident at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

  • Kenneth DeGraff
    Research Assistant
    Current: Policy Advisor to Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi at U.S. House of Representatives

  • Shaden Dowiatt '07
    ACE at KYC
    Current: Site Director at Kid Power DC

  • Kate Drane '01-'02
    Interview Transcriber
    Current: Director of Vertical Market Development, Design and Technology at Indiegogo/ Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer at The Can Van

  • Katie Flynn '08-'10
    ACE at MLK/ Public Relations Program Coordinator for CCC
    Current: Account Manager at TripBuilder Media Inc.

  • Brittany Foerg '10-'13
    Current: Graduate student at Indiana University School of Optometry

  • Jonathan Fong '03
    Student Researcher
    Current: Media Services Technician for the New York County District Attorney's Office

  • Lauren Graham '09-'11
    ACE MLK and KYC
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Taylor Graham '15-'16
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Elizabeth Halajian '06-'07
    ACE at KYC/Dance Instructor
    Current: Teaches dance at the KYC

  • Rachel Heck '10-'12
    ACE MLK Second Time Around Program
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Megan Houchin '12-'13
    ACE Reconnecting to Our Water Ways and Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Matt Jager '10-'11
    Staff Writer
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • David Johnson '07
    Student Researcher
    Current: Software Engineer at Convergent Design

  • Andrew Jones
    Student Researcher
    Current: Attorney at Sweeny & Julian Law Firm

  • Janelle Jordan '11-'13
    Current: Attending ­­­Northeastern University School of Law

  • Sophie Kincaid '10-'11
    ACE MLK and KYC
    Current: Babysitter

  • Laura Kirkham '11-'12
    ACE Iraq Refugees
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Chelsea Koenig '07-'08
    Current: Nursery-2nd Grade Dance Teacher, The Town School

  • Ben Leslie '09-'10
    Student Research Assistant
    Current: Immigrant & Refugee Service Corps Member at Center for Interfaith Cooperation

  • Daniel McNeely '03-'04
    Student Researcher
    Current: Staff attorney at Finnegan Legal Firm

  • Luvleen Mudhar '10-'11
    ACE A Caring Place
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Paige Newman '13
    ACE FYS "Call of the Wild"
    Current: Acquisitions Intern at John Wiley and Sons

  • Faith Oliver '14-'16
    ACE at ACP
    Current: Awaiting Update

  • Justin Parker '01-'04
    ACE at KYC
    Current: Doctor in Family Practice

  • Danella Pistono-Schroeder '07-'09
    ACE/Dance Instructor at KYC
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Jasmen Rice '09-'13
    ACE with NAACP & MSDWT/ Student Research Assistant
    Current: Graduate Student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington, DC

  • Luke Schaible '13-'14
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Sarah Simpson '09-'10
    ACE at Nur-Allah Islamic Center
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Brian Smith '02-'03
    ACE at KYC
    Current: Advisory Services Consultant at Ernst & Young

  • Amanda Spillson '07-'08
    ACE at KYC
    Current: Speech-Language Pathologist at Kids Care Therapy

  • Alex Tallentire '11-'13
    Current: Fellow at T2 Systems for The Orr Fellowship

  • Mary Thomlinson '05-'06
    ACE at KYC
    Current: Awaiting Updates

  • Elizabeth Thompson '13-'15
    IRSC AmeriCorps member
    Current: Graduate School

  • Anne Tucker '01
    BAC Researcher
    Current: Assistant Professor at Georgia State University College of Law

  • Kate Way
    Student Research Assistant/ ACE with Second Starts Inc.
    Current: Financial Analyst, Celadon Group Inc./ Quality Control Intern, ChaCha

  • Michael Weiseman '05-'07
    Student Researcher
    Current: Deputy Director of Elections at Marion County

  • Matt Wells
    Current: National Accounts Manager at Sigma, Inc.

  • Shannon West '10-'11
    ACE Immigrant Welcome Center
    Current: Event Coordinator at The Center Cincinnati/ Building Project Coordinator at Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss

  • Ben Wright '10-'12
    ACE at KYC
    Current: Alternative Spring Break Graduate Advisor, Leadership and Service Unit at Illinois State University/ Going for masters in College Student Personnel Administration

  • Hanna Yaeger '08-'12
    Current: Awaiting Updates