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Panopto Screen ShotPanopto is a turnkey audio/video content capture and playback solution. Panopto is a software solution that includes a web-based editor, a comprehensive search engine, system and viewing analytics, and automatic transcodes that convert videos for optimal viewing on any device.

The same software can be used for content capture, "flipping" classrooms or presentations which means that instructors don't need to learn something new for each different application. Panopto also integrates into Moodle so it's easy to include custom video into  courses.

Recording of content can be done on any computer, iOS or Android device. Recordings are automatically uploaded and viewable on any computer or mobile device. The best part is that the playback includes assessment features for academic use that include multiple searching capabilities, note taking, comments, bookmarks, variable speed playback and more.

History of Panopto at Butler

Panopto was first introduced to Butler in 2009 as a solution for capturing students demonstrating proficiency in COPHS (College of Pharmacy and Health Science) and interacting with clients in counseling and speech therapy sessions in COE (College of Education).

Both Colleges were using old time-consuming technology that required both students and faculty to focus more on the technology than the assignment or interactions. Panopto provided a solution that was easy to use and took much less time to process recordings. This allowed faculty to provide students with more timely feedback and has improved learning in both Colleges.

This worked so well in COPHS and COE that Panopto is now the recommended solution for capture of all academic content. To date over 40,000 recordings of academic content have been made using Panopto for lecture capture, student presentations, flipping the classroom, learning modules, demonstration of proficiency and more!!  

Learn More

Read more about Panopto at Butler and is how it is used in education and check out the Butler University Case study.

Access the Panopto LibGuide.

To schedule a consultation or a workshop on Panopto, contact CAT at 317-940-8575 or email


Panopto vs. Zoom

What is the main difference?

Zoom is best for live communication (and it can be recorded).

Panopto is best for recording content to share later (and it integrates directly with Moodle).

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