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Moodle Mobile

Accessing Moodle on Mobile Devices


Moodle can be accessed on smartphones and tablets in one of two ways:

1) via recommended web browsers like Chrome or Firefox; or 2) via Moodle Mobile, an app developed and maintained by Moodle Pty Ltd. According to several students who piloted Moodle Mobile in spring 2017, option two is worth exploring for a number of reasons:

  • The app mitigates browser-based issues like poor interface optimization, slow load time for certain content, and reliance on uninterrupted Internet connectivity.
  • It allows for quick access to course content, even when offline.
  • The app rescales content depending on device layout, eliminating the need to continually zoom in and out.
  • When enabled, the app’s push notifications alert students to messages, forum posts, and assignment submissions. This allows for a more customized user experience. (Note: While this is not currently enabled at Butler, it is under consideration.)
  • App users can upload images, audio, video, and other files directly from their mobile devices.
  • The app supports participation in an ever-growing list of Moodle activities including Quizzes, Forums, Wikis, and Polls.


Disclaimer: Butler has no control over Moodle Mobile’s development and thus cannot support the app beyond making it available, providing guidance documentation, and offering limited troubleshooting assistance via Butler’s IT Help Desk. For more information on Moodle Mobile, visit MoodleDocs.


Getting Started with Moodle Mobile


1. Open your device and navigate to the app store (Android → Google Play Store; Apple iOS → App Store).

Apple App Store Logo




Google Play Logo




2. Locate and download Moodle Mobile. (Note: make sure “Moodle Pty. Ltd” is listed as the owner/developer).  

3. Once installed, open app and type at the prompt.

Moodle Mobile App Login Screen

4. Click connect.

5. Log in using your Butler username and password.