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Moodle FAQ

Moodle FAQ

The following list contains solutions to the most common Moodle questions and issues both CAT and IT Help Desk encounter (especially at the beginning of the semester). 

Why can't my students see my course?

In order for your course to be seen by students, you must select Yes for Students See Course? in the Quicksets block in your course.

In order to save these changes you must select Update Settings.

How do I copy content from a previous course?

  1. In the course you want to import into (not the course you want to import from), go to the Administration Block and select Import.
  2. From the Import page, select the course you want to import from. Note that the page only shows ten courses. If you have more courses and the one you want isn’t listed, use the Search box and select Search to find it.
  3. Select Continue to use the selected course for import.
  4. You will be asked to select whether to Include Activities, Include Blocks, or Include Filters. Activities include things like assignment, quizzes, files, etc. Blocks include the blocks along the side of the course. Since these are mostly uniform, there may not be a change from semester to semester. Filters are often not altered and may be included or excluded. Check the boxes for each type you want, or leave them all checked if you want to copy the course exactly. Select Next.
  5. If you have chosen to include Activities, you will be asked which activities or resources to include. By default, all activities are checked, which is useful if you want to copy a course exactly. If not, you can check boxes for particular activities to only bring them over. Bear in mind, though, that to import an Activity you must also bring the topic section (the bolded entries) that contains it.
  6. Warning: If you have any Turnitin assignments in the import you must deselect them before the import. Importing Turnitin assignments will create student conflicts between the old assignment and the new one.
  7. Select Next.
  8. You will be taken to a confirmation and review page. There are no options to set here; it’s just a summary of what’s selected for import and what is not. Anything marked with a check will be imported, anything with a X will not. Select Perform Import to import the course.
  9. You will be notified once the import is complete. Select Continue when done.

How do I add other instructors to my course?

Instructors can add additional instructors to their learning management (LMS) system courses (in Moodle) through My.Butler. Once the individual to whom you want to grant access has filled out the Code of Responsibility form, follow the steps listed at this My.Bulter Help page.

I used to see a block but now I don’t

If there’s a block you need but can’t find, it may have been docked, hidden, or deleted. Try these steps:

  1. Check the left side of your screen for a sideways tab that has the same name as the block you’re looking for. If the block appears there, it’s been docked. You can return it to its normal location by selecting the right arrow icon in the lower left corner of your screen.
  2. Look around on the page for any block that’s greyed-out and only showing its title and not its content. If you find one, it appears that way because it’s been hidden. To unhide it, Turn editing on, select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the block, and select the Show option from the menu.
  3. If your block hasn’t been docked or hidden, it might have been deleted completely. To add back a block that you’ve deleted, Turn editing on and find the block you want in the Add a block menu on the left side of your course below the Administration block.

Students are enrolled in my course but they don’t show in Moodle

This situation typically happens  when a student has been enrolled into a course at the last minute in Peoplesoft. Normally, the instructor simply needs to wait until the next import from Peoplesoft occurs -- which happens several times per day. If the problem continues to occur after an extended amount of time, instructors are encouraged to submit a case at the Help Desk self-service portal at or by calling 317-940-HELP (4357). 

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