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LMS Pilots

Learning Management System (LMS) Pilots

The LMS Evaluation Committee met on Friday, February 2 and voted to pilot three systems:

  • Canvas by Instructure,
  • Brightspace by Desire2Learn, and
  • Moodle 3.5.

This decision was reached based on a review of LMS adoption literature. The committee concluded that the most recent version of Moodle (3.5) should be compared against the other candidates.  Canvas was chosen due to the high quality of reviews among peer and R1 institutions and that it is currently being used by Butler in the Executive Education program.  Brightspace was chosen due to the high quality of reviews and its growing share in the marketplace. The results of the Moodle survey and three pilots will be used to decide the future direction of Butler's LMS. 

Brightspace demonstrated their learning environment on March 19 and 20, and Canvas on March 22 and 23.  A Moodle 3.5 demonstration will be scheduled after the new version is released in Summer 2018 (Butler is currently using version 3.1).

View the Brightspace demonstration.

View the Canvas demonstration.

What courses piloted Brightspace?

Ryan Rogers (CCOM)

CME 490 - Seminar in Creative Media & Entertainment;
CME 302 - Video Production 2;
CME 305 - Documentary Style Production
Nick Abel (COE) ED 553 - Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Counseling
Kim Beck (COPHS) RX 411 - Principle of Drug Action I
Nick Johnson (JCA) PCA 241-MU - Music in Action
Brenda Johnston (JCA) AA 301 - Principles and Practices of Arts Administration (2 sections)
Oliver Worthington (JCA) All vocal courses
Liliana Goens (LAS) SP 320 - Service Learning in Spanish (2 sections)
James McGrath (LAS) RL 307 - The Historical Jesus
Bob Padgett (LAS) HN 300 - Psy and Phi of Sport
Carmen Salsbury (LAS) BI 230 - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Fundamentals

Stephanie Fernhaber (LSB)

MBA 542: The Entrepreneurial Mindset


What courses piloted Canvas?

Alison Harthcock (CCOM)

SW266-COM Media Literacy
Jennifer Snyder (COPHS) MPAS 552 - Women's Health
Rob Koharchik (JCA) TH232 - Stage Lighting I
Wendy Meaden (JCA) TH325 - Costume Design
Gonzalo Ordonez (LAS) PH301 - Modern Physics
Bob Padgett (LAS) PS310 - Advanced Statistics in Psychology
Gregory Shufeldt (LAS) PO 379 - The Presidency and the Congress
Craig Caldwell (LSB) MBA510 - Leadership

Lisa Hines (LSB)

MK 280 - Principles of Marketing


What courses piloted Moodle 3.5?

Art Furman (COE)

PE261 - Theory and Practice of Coaching

Steve Nyktas (JCA) ART 303 - Photography 1 & ART 308 - Graphic Design 1
Krista Cline (LAS) SO393 - Research Methods Seminar
Panos Linos (LAS) SE 267 - Business Application Development
Gabriela Muniz (LAS) SP 204 - Intermediate Spanish II (2 sections)
Jason Davidson (LSB) MS 370 - Data Networks/Communication Systems

Victor Puleo (LSB)

RM360 - Insurance Company Operations