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Center for Academic Technology

LMS Leadership at Butler

When Moodle was the official university learning management system (LMS), leadership was divided into two work groups. Together, this team with its two components promoted the effectiveness of the operations, implementation, development, and steering of the Butler University LMS, Moodle. Canvas is now the official Butler LMS and is cloud-based and  supported by a vendor, Instructure. Moodle was hosted locally and supported by Butler IT and the Center for Academic Technology (CAT). CAT which is the administrator for Canvas at Butler will convene a forthcoming advisory group to help guide academic technology decisions impactng the university. This advisory group will replace the former LMS leadership structure detailed below:

Moodle Development and Steering Work Group (MDS)

The MDS work group consisted of faculty, Center for Academic Technology (CAT) staff, Academic Program Development and Innovation (APDI) staff and IT staff. Prioritized and made informed decisions for improvements and enhancements to the Moodle. These decisions were guided by best practices in:

  • accessibility,
  • instructional design,
  • visual literacy,
  • user experience and feedback.
Moodle Operations and Implementation Work Group (MOI)

The MOI work group was committed to the continual technical evaluation and improvement of the LMS’s functionality and user experience. This includes enhancing overall functionality through exploration, implementation, and ongoing maintenance, including:

  • ensuring Moodle was up-to-date with patches and hotfixes, 
  • maintaining security
  • supporting infrastructure (i.e. servers, PeopleSoft connection, etc.).

The MOI team consisted, primarily, of technical staff from IT and CAT and acts upon recommendations made by MDS.

What faculty most recently served on MDS?

The Most  Recent Faculty MDS members included:
  • Teresa Williams (Business Librarian - Associate Professor)
  • Sam Gurevitz (COPHS, Physician's Assistant) - '16-18
  • Lisa Farley (COE, Human Movement & Health Science Education) - '16-18
  • Nick Johnson (JCA, Music) - '16-18
  • Hessam Sarooghi (LSB, Marketing & Management) - '18-20
  • Carrie Rector (CCOM, Creative Media and Entertainment) - '18-20
  • Michelle Stigter (LAS, Modern Languages) - '18-20
Special thanks to faculty who served in the past:
  • Amanda Starkel (Information Commons Librarian)
  • James McGrath (LAS, Religion & Philosophy) - '16-17
  • Karen Holmes (LAS, Mathematics & Actuarial Science) - '16-17
  • Armando Pellerano (CCOM, Strategic Communications) - '16-17

What was the structure of MDS?

Faculty served a two-year term, from January to December. In the inaugural year, three faculty served an initial one-year term to establish a stagger. All members of MDS have an equal voice in voting on LMS issues.

MDS members meet in person two times annually. Members were expected to participate in discussions and cast votes pertaining to Moodle decision making within the MDS Moodle site up to two times per month.

How were MDS faculty chosen?

Each year, CAT reached out to the Associate Deans to recommend new members to the MDS team and strived to represent all colleges on this team.

What did MDS/MOI accomplished?

The MDS team made the following decisions, implemented by the MOI team:


2019 Decisions  
Should a Course Blueprint (template) and Butler default grading scheme be implemented in new Canvas courses during the initial implementation? Yes
2018 Decisions Result
Voted on next LMS recommendation  Canvas
Should the university pilot Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle 3.5? Yes
2017 Decisions Result
Should the Universtiy perform a learning management system review (generall executed on a 5 year interval) Yes

Should Forum Tracking be Turned on by default?


Should Auto-linking be turned off in Moodle? 


Should the Graphical Activity Chooser be made the default setting in Moodle?


Should hidden sections be hidden to students not merely grayed out?


Should Butler develop an Academic & Tech support block element for Moodle?


Should Butler enable Moodle Mobile for fall 2017?


Should Plagiarism Plug-in be enabled?


Should Snippet Plugin be added and, if so, how configured?


What side of Moodle should Follett Discover appear?


*Due to system limitations, this decision could not be implemented as voted.