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Center for Academic Technology

Canvas Implementation

Canvas Logo100% of credit-bearing courses in the academic division are now using Canvas. Over the 2020 summer, the remaing Moodle Org sites and placement exams will complete the migration to Canvas. Access Canvas at

Moodle Retirement Schedule

  • Instructors, staff and students will continute to have access to Moodle through the fall 2020 semester.
  • Moodle enters retirement on December 22nd, 2020.

Migration Support

The Center for Academic Technology along with IT are scheduling content migration for the fall 2020 semester.As you review migrated content in courses, please keep in mind the following points:

  • Only certain types of content could come over from Moodle.  The Migration Map document provides a map of what items did and did not migrate from Moodle to Canvas.
  • If you find that only one section of a course has migrated content, this is most likely because the Moodle course was umbrellaed, you can do a similar process in Canvas called “cross-listing”
  • If you prefer to not use the imported content from Moodle, you can reset the course to an empty course shell. This will clear all the migrated content but hold course settings in place.  If there is a setting you wish to change, such as the grading scheme, the setting can be changed in the “Course Settings” menu.
  • If you have a different course or other course content from Moodle that you would like migrated to a Canvas course, you can manually migrate courses by following the easy-to-follow migration instructions.
  • You can copy a Canvas course or course content from a previously taught Canvas course(s).
  • Moodle quizzes migrated to Canvas as “ungraded surveys”, you will need to switch them to “graded quizzes” if you wish to use them in your courses.
  • If you have questions about the migration, please reach out to CAT via email at

For Faculty and Staff

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Teaching with Canvas

Moodle ORGs (Organizations) are scheduled to transition off of Moodle during the spring  and summer of 2020. Many groups on campus use Moodle to manage committee and other project work involving groups. It may make sense for Organizations to transition to Canvas but in some cases it may not. Butler has access to other tools that may, actually, better serve the needs of the organization rather than using a learning management system.  To help make this determination, please reach out to your IT Account Manager by submitting a case at

For Students

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Implementation Timeline

Canvas Implementation timeline