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Faculty Fellows - CAT

Canvas Faculty Fellows

CAT proudly announces faculty members Jane Siegler (LSB) and Brian Day (LAS) as the inaugural Canvas Faculty Fellows. The Canvas Fellows program seeks to leverage Butler faculty proficient in Canvas to support its implementation.  Professors Siegler and Day will assist CAT through the following duties: 

  • Participate in Canvas workshops/events as a presenter and/or facilitator;
  • Provide leadership and peer consultation to faculty especially those new to using Canvas;
  • Advocate for and promote Canvas best practices among the faculty;
  • Communicate key Canvas implementation timelines, Canvas features/developments and support options to faculty at college, departmental and program meetings;
  • Participate in other Canvas related activity as able.
Jane Siegler
Assistant Professor of Operations
Accounting, Management Information Systems, Statis
Brian Day
Assistant Professor Psychology
Psychology - LAS