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Career and Professional Success

Postgraduate Outcomes

Graphic listing percentages of student outcomes after graduation: 97% total, 68% employed, 23% grad school, 3% still looking, 3% internship, 2% gap-year program, and 1% fellowship

Each year, Career and Professional Success tracks the postgraduate activities of recent Butler University graduates. The information collected is compiled and presented in a report. The annual report contains information on career choices, salary averages for each college, and residency statistics, in addition to graduate school and gap year data. Links to previous postgraduate reports are listed below.

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Class of 2017 graduates excelled in their pursuits after college. Approximately 97 percent of student respondents indicated they were successfully involved in postgraduate activities after leaving Butler University.

This information is based on 76 percent of 2017 graduates. Data is collected up to six months post-graduation from sources including students, employers, faculty, staff, parents, and online.

  • “Employed” refers to graduates who are employed full time.
  • Graduates who are attending graduate or professional school as their primary activity after graduation are accounted for in the “Graduate school” section.
  • “Gap year” refers to those graduates pursuing nontraditional activities before seeking employment.
  • Those graduates who are still seeking their first opportunity after graduation are indicated in the “Still looking” section.
Postgraduate Activity Reports


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Our office supports the Career and Life Skills dimension of BU Be Well.

We help you focus on building and maintaining successful skills for future or current careers, including internships, employment, financial planning, graduate school, and gap year/service programs.

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