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On-Campus Student Employment

*NOTE: COVID-19 Student Employment FAQs
  • Due to Covid-19, fall 2020 on-campus job openings may be directly impacted/limited. Check this website for updated details as we approach the fall. questions? email

On-Campus Student Employment at Butler

If you are a student interested in working on campus, here are some resources that will guide you through the process:

  • Handshake - Our online career management system is also a job board that provides access to on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities.
  • Student Employment FAQs - These are some frequently asked questions regarding student employment at Butler. 
  • New Hire Paperwork Packet - If you have never worked in an on-campus position, you will need to complete some preliminary paperwork. Completed paperwork must be dropped off to the Student Employment Coordinator in the Career and Professional Success (CaPS) office (Business Building Suite 102).
  • Find On-Campus Employment Job Postings - Resources and office contacts to utilize when looking for on-campus positions.
  • Campus Departments and Centers - List of on campus offices that often hire student employees.

**Great News: Students work in virtually every single department and office on campus!

**Not So Great News: It can be EXTREMELY difficult to get a on campus job as it very competitive (Ex. Many students tend to keep their jobs from year to year, small office budgets can make it difficult to hire student employees, and student enrollment is increasing). While the resources above are a good start, we strongly suggest networking directly with staff, faculty, and other students as a way to find employment that may not be posted online. 

**Working at the Bookstore, Dining Services, and Starbucks are NOT considered on campus employment: All hiring is done through each organization (ex. Follet's Bookstore, Bon Appetit, and Starbucks Careers) If you are interested in applying for jobs at these companies, please apply online and/or ask to speak with the store manager about current job openings. 


resources for currently employed students:

What Do I Need To Work on Campus?

  • If you plan on securing on campus employment for the first time, you will be asked to complete New Hire Paperwork.
  • New Hire Paperwork includes federal and state tax paperwork. Most importantly, the I-9 form must be completed to verify identity and work authorization for anyone hired in the United States.
  • You must present at least 2 acceptable identification documents. This link explains which documents are acceptable. Documents MUST be unexpired originals. Photocopies and scanned images will not be accepted. Document types can also be found on page 3 of the I-9.
  • Completed paperwork must be dropped off to the Student Employment Coordinator in the CaPS office (Business Building 102).

How Do I Complete the New Hire Paperwork?

As a student employee, you are responsible for filling out:

  • Butler University Human Resources Acknowledgement Policy Form
  • Only the first page of the I-9 (SKIP page 2 - this page is for your supervisor only). You will also need to present 2 original forms of identification documents.
  • W4 Federal Tax From
  • WH-4 Indiana State Tax From

Review the guide below for instructions on how to fill out each form:

Will I Be Paid Hourly & How Do I Receive My Paychecks?

  • Yes, students are paid hourly. The hourly pay rate varies from department to department. On average, students earn between $8.00 - $11.00 per hour.
  • Students must submit their weekly work hours via their Timesheet through The students supervisor is then responsible for approving all submited work hours for the student to get paid.
  • Students can opt to get paid by check (available for pick up from Student Accounts in Jordan Hall Rm 102, OR direct deposit). If interested in the latter, please complete the direct deposit form and bring it to Human Resources (JH 052).
  • Learn more about Student Paychecks.

Can I Work as Many Hours as I Want?

  • Butler students are not allowed to work more than cumulative 16 hours per week during the academic year. During the summer months, students can work up to 37.5 hours per week. 

International Students - On Campus Employment

International students can utilize the same job search tools and resources for securing on campus employment as all other non-international students. Please review the required steps via our Guide for International Students. 

  • International students can only work on campus (not off campus).
  • International students must apply for a social security card OR already have a social security card to work on campus:

    • When completing paperwork, HR will accept a 'social security card receipt' in order for the student to start working.

    • However, when the student receives the actual social security card, they must present the card immediately to HR or The Student Employment Coordinator. 

For additional assistance, please contact Bobbie Gibson in the International Student Services office ( 

What If I Need Resume Help? Or Interviewing Prep Help?

  • When looking for on campus employment, you will be asked to submit a resume and you may need to complete a interview to be offered the job. 
  • CaPS encourages students to download our free Guide to Professional Success packet, which includes tons of helpful resources for organizing a resume, as well as preparing for any job/internship interview.
  • If you would like someone from CaPS to review your resume or complete a mock interview, students can meet one-on-one with our Peer Career Advisors. No appointment needed! Stop by during open office hours in the Career Studio in Business Building 102 Monday–Thursday between 4:00–6:00 PM starting in September 2019. 

Protecting Butler Students

  • Students who participate in internships, jobs, or experiential education opportunities have a right to expect a professional environment free from sexual misconduct.
  • The Butler University Sexual Misconduct Policy outlines how the University responds to reports of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct includes sex- and gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. We encourage you to explore the Sexual Misconduct site for more information, or download our guide.
  • Butler University is committed to maintaining a respectful educational environment, free from harassment. Harassment of any kind is not acceptable behavior at Butler; it is inconsistent with the commitment to excellence that characterizes Butler University’s activities.  Several policies available online address civil rights matters involving students, faculty and staff when a complaint is brought to the attention of the University. Any student of the University who believes that he/she has been a victim of some form of discrimination should report the incident immediately to the Title IX Coordinator. 

Why "Ghosting" Your On Campus Job Is Bad & How To Say 'No' Professionally

  • "Ghosting" is the professional equivalent of standing up someone.
  • People can “ghost” at the job offer stage, on their first day of work (by simply not showing up after they've agreed to take the job), or even by walking out on their job with zero warning, zero explanation and zero contact thereafter.
  • “Ghosting” is one of the most effective ways to burn bridges in your professional life. Ultimately, “ghosting” an employer is a sign of immaturity and its very unprofessional. 
  • Instead of simply avoiding a potentially negative conversation, students should learn how to say “no” or quit their jobs gracefully:

Student Employee Appreciation Week

  • Each year, student employees are nationally recognized for their contributions to campus departments! Join us this year in April for some fun and free events just for you! Check out our Student Employee Appreciation Week website for more details.

Filing & Tax Information for Students

Annual Get Hired Part Time Job Fair

  • Are you looking for a part-time job on campus, or part-time job with a employer near campus? Students are encouraged to attend our annual "Get Hired Part Time Job Fair" hosted by the CaPS office every year in August!
  • This fair is an excellent opportunity for local employers and on-campus departments to connect with Butler students who are specifically interested in only part-time employment for the  academic school year.
  • If you are interested in attending and would like more information, please contact the CaPS office:

Maximizing the Student Employment Experience

Do you consider working part-time as "just a job"? The reality is that your on-campus work experience is so much more than that! Using your time wisely while you work is going to positively impact your life professionally, academically, and personally. Take pride in the fact that you are working in addition to being in school.  Find out five ways to maximize your timeAlso, Affordable Colleges Online has some great information for you to think through as well.


Questions regarding on-campus employment can be directed to the Student Employment Coordinator - Alyssa Laskowski at (317) 940-6562 or