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Career and Professional Success

Student Success Story

Follow Elizabeth, a CAPS veteran, as she discovers and achieves her professional goals!

Career Exploration

Elizabeth came to CAPS looking for guidance. As a junior psychology major she had an interest in working with children, but felt overwhelmed at how many possible career paths she could take. Luckily, she met with a career advisor to discuss her options and determine what her next step should be. She was advised to reach out to professionals in different areas of the field to conduct informational interviews and request job shadowing opportunities. This approach would help increase her exposure to different areas involving children as well as help her expand her professional network. Now that Elizabeth had a game plan, she felt confident moving forward and scheduled several appointments. 

Resume Critique, Career Advising

The last time we spoke to Elizabeth, she was narrowing down the type of work she wanted to do with children. She conducted informational interviews and sought out job shadowing opportunities involving child casework and school psychology. After collecting more information, she now felt more comfortable seeking out a summer internship. During her search, she continued to meet regularly with her career advisor. Together they worked on tailoring her resume for specific internships. Elizabeth's resume took on a whole new life as it highlighted all of her skills and accomplishments from her past experiences. One particular opportunity that interested Elizabeth was working at the Department of Child Services (DCS). However, DCS did not have a posted internship, so she worked with her career advisor on developing a strategy to propose the internship experience. Elizabeth was diligent in contacting DCS and landed herself an interview with the Indianapolis office!

Mock Interviews

Elizabeth was very excited (and nervous) about her interview with the Department of Child Services (DCS). To help prepare for the big day, she met with her career advisor to perform a series of mock interviews to help sharpen her interviewing skills. For each mock interview, questions were tailored towards the job description and the session was recorded. After the interview was over, Elizabeth went through the recording with her career advisor and received helpful tips and feedback on her interview techniques. Also to prepare for her interview, Elizabeth took advantage of the ICPP workshops that were focused on interview preparation. The more practice the better! By time the date of the DCS interview arrived, Elizabeth felt well prepared for the day.

Networking and Career Workshops

The last time we spoke with Elizabeth, she was eagerly waiting to hear if she got the internship with Department of Child Services (DCS). Thanks to her thorough preparation and mock interview practice, she did! Elizabeth did a fantastic job reaching out to DCS and showcasing her skills on both her resume and in the interview. As a result, she spent the semester gaining valuable hands on experience in the area of child services, which helped her decide that she wanted to pursue a full-time position with DCS near her hometown in northwest Indiana. She worked with her career advisor on updating her resume and also received a cover letter critique and guidance to make her introduction to the office a strong one. Elizabeth also used some of the concepts that she learned through conversations about networking as well as attending the CAPS event Networking Night to reach out to some contacts at the northwest Indiana office.  She also participated in another mock interview to prepare for her big day! Will Elizabeth land her dream job before graduating?

Alumni Services

The last time we spoke with Elizabeth, she was getting ready to graduate and we found out she landed herself a full-time position at the Department of Child Services (DCS) in her hometown! She is now a caseworker and is performing invaluable work in the area of child services, but she's not stopping there. She quickly decided to pursue a graduate degree in the field and reached out to CAPS to utilize their alumni services. She is now working with her career advisor to refocus her resume towards graduate school so she can continue to achieve her dreams. As an alumnus, Elizabeth has full access to all of the services that she was offered as a student including resume critiques, mock interviews, career counseling, and access to BLUE. Great job Elizabeth!