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Gary Beaulieu

Gary Beaulieu

Gary Beaulieu

Senior Director, CaPS
Director, Program Innovation

Business Building 103 A

Our director since 2006, Gary promotes the goals of Career and Professional Success (CaPS) both on campus and off, ensuring that our office is serving students and alumni in the best ways possible. He conducts employer outreach and development, implements career-related programming and presentations, and advises student and alumni on their career and professional development.

He's also the Director of Program Innovation within Student Academic Affairs.

When he isn't working at CaPS, Gary loves to travel and bring a worldly perspective to the team. Feel free to ask him about taking 16 years to finish his Bachelor's Degree and his experience in the restaurant industry.

Path to Career Services

A native of Gainesville, FL, Gary thought he'd be a writer or actor growing up. After earning a B.S. in Human Resource Development from Indiana State University, he found himself in the following positions:

  1. Restaurant manager
  2. Intern for private consulting company
  3. Career Services at Indiana State University
  4. Associate Director and Director of CaPS at Butler University


  1. Futuristic
  2. Competition
  3. Arranger
  4. Individualization
  5. Input

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • INTJ – "Conceptual Planner"

Professional Profiles

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