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The Business Building, home of the Lacy School of Business
Career and Professional Success

Meet Our Team

We're an office within Academic Affairs called Career and Professional Success (CaPS). Located in Business Building 102, we support all Butler students and graduates—for free, for life—in their professional development and pursuit of internships, jobs, project-based learning experiences, graduate school, gap years, service opportunities, financial wellness, and more.

We support the Career and Life Skills dimension of BU Be Well.

Quick Contacts

Employers and Recruiters Jeremy Walthall
On-Campus Student Employment (Student Employees)(Supervisors) Kim Mahaffey
Federal Work Study (FWS) Gary Beaulieu
Data (Submit data requests) Sierra Mathews

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Profile picture of Gary Beaulieu, Director of Internship and Career Services

Gary Beaulieu
Senior Director


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Profile picture of Julie Schrader, Associate Director of Internship and Career Services

Julie Schrader
Senior Associate Director
and LSB Career Development Team Lead


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Profile picture of Jeremy Walthall, Career Advisor for LAS (Natural and Social Sciences)


Jeremy Walthall
Associate Director of Employer Success


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Employment and Career Fairs

Profile picture of Kim Mahaffey, Student Employment Assistant

Kim Mahaffey
Student Employment Assistant


Profile picture of Joey Wohlhieter, Employer Assistant

Joey Wohlhieter
Employer Assistant


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Profile picture of Alyssa Laskowski, Student Employment Coordinator


Alyssa Laskowski
On-Campus Student Employment Coordinator
and Career Studio and Student Assistant Supervisor


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Note: out through October 2020. Please contact Kim Mahaffey for student employment, Gary Beaulieu for Federal Work Study, and Courtney Rousseau for Career Studio and peer advising.

Career Advising and Consulting

Profile picture of Andy Cassler, Career Advisor for College of Education and the Humanities (LAS); also, Coordinator of Indy Summer Experience

Andy Cassler
Career Advisor: COE and LAS (Humanities)


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Profile picture of Lori Coe, Career Consultant for LSB

Lori Coe
Career Consultant: LSB


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Profile picture of Mona Guirguis, Career Advisor for COPHS and CCOM (CSD, CCM, Human Com and Organizational Leadership, Media Arts)

Mona Guirguis
Career Advisor: COPHS and CCOM


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Profile picture of Sierra Mathews, Career Advisor for CCOM and JCA

Sierra Mathews
Career Advisor: CCOM and JCA


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Profile picture of Courtney Rousseau, Career Advisor for LAS (Natural and Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary, and Engineering)

Courtney Rousseau
Career Advisor: LAS (Natural and Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary, and Engineering)


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Profile picture of Mike Thomas, Career Consultant for LSB


Mike Thomas
Career Consultant: LSB


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Career Mentoring (LSB Majors)

Headshot of CaPS LSB Career Mentor Randy Brown

Randy Brown
Career Mentor: LSB


Headshot of CaPS LSB Career Mentor Tom Flowers

Tom Flowers
Career Mentor: LSB


Headshot of CaPS LSB Career Mentor Ed Friel

Ed Friel
Career Mentor: LSB


Ronald Gress
Career Mentor: LSB


Headshot of CaPS LSB Career Mentor Bob Marchesani

Bob Marchesani
Career Mentor: LSB


Picture of CaPS LSB Career Mentor Rusty McKay

Rusty McKay
Career Mentor: LSB


Carrie Meyer
Career Mentor: LSB


Headshot of CaPS LSB Career Mentor Mark Moore

Mark Moore
Career Mentor: LSB


Eloise Paul
Career Mentor: LSB


Headshot of CaPS LSB Career Mentor Barry Simich

Barry Simich
Career Mentor: LSB


Headshot of CaPS LSB Career Mentor Jane Surges

Jane Surges
Career Mentor: LSB



Image of three people seated around a table: a career mentor and two advisees

Each major in the Lacy School of Business is assigned a career mentor. Separate from an academic advisor, these former executives call upon their experience when guiding students through a structured, four-year career development program called Blueprint.

Read more information about the LSB career mentors.

Read more information about Blueprint.

Email questions about LSB career mentors to Julie Schrader, CaPS Senior Associate Director.

Administration for LSB Career Development

Profile picture of Brenda Bantz, Administrative Specialist for LSB Success


Brenda Bantz
Administrative Specialist for LSB Career Development


Profile coming soon

Ribbon with Diagonal Gray Stripes

Ribbon with the word Act on it, representing one dimension of the ICS Career Development model

Put a plan into action.

Apply the skills and knowledge you have gained to actively pursue opportunities that align with your goals. Continue to reflect upon your progress and refine your plan as needed.

We're Here to Help

In addition to utilizing the resources above, please don't hesitate to reach out at any time:

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Our office supports the Career and Life Skills dimension of BU Be Well.

We help you focus on building and maintaining successful skills for future or current careers, including internships, employment, financial planning, graduate school, and gap year/service programs.

Learn more about BU Be Well.