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Career and Professional Success

Employing Students for Campus Jobs

Digital Paperwork

To protect supervisors, students, and CaPS staff, we're reducing the physical handling of documents by utilizing a digital-first process. If at all possible, we encourage you to not print any paperwork and not make I.D. color copy scans.

CaPS staff will handle this process with the student during their scheduled appointment. However,  if the student employee is unable to meet with a CaPS staff member, you do have the option to fill out the I-9 and make the I.D. color copy scans yourself, and then send everything directly through Campus Mail to CaPS. Instructions can be found further below under "New Hires."

Remember: federal law requires all documents to be submitted before your student employee begins working. Training is considered employment.

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Overview of Student Hiring

There are 3 steps when hiring students for on-campus work. If you already have identifed the student(s) you wish to hire, skip to step 3:

  1. Create or update the position - Formstack forms
  2. Promote the position and collect applications
  3. Hiring the student (submitting student's eHire, & only if needed, completeing I-9 paperwork page 2). 

1. Create or Update the Position

If you're unsure from which budget your student wages should be pulled—the "account (department ID)/combo" numbers—please contact the budget manager in your department or office.

New Positions (New Position Formstack)

If the position you're hiring for is brand new and deosnt yet exsistComplete the New Position Formstack form. You'll receive a four-digit Position Number from Human Resources within 1-2 business days. Please contact if you encounter any problems.

Update Existing Positions (Status Change Formstack)

Update pay rate, primary supervisor, account (department ID)/combo numbers, job title, and/or backup time approver by completing the Status Change Formstack Form. If needed, read the View student compensation/hourly pay rates and past work information guide. Please contact if you encounter any problems.


2. Promote the Position & Collect Applications on Handshake

We encourage supervisors to post the opportunity on Butler's online job board Handshake. If you or your office don't yet have a free Handshake account, please email Employer Assistant Joey Wohlhieter to get set up. If you run into any problems posting, please check out Handshake's how to guide for posting jobs or email our office at: If students applied to your position through Handshake, check out Handshake's guide for accessing applications.


3. Hiring the Student

Once you have selected a student you would like to hire and are ready to send them a tentative offer, first determine if they're an "Existing Hire" or a "New Hire": How to Determine if student is New Hire or Existing Hire. If applicable, follow the instructions in the "Funding Student Wages with a Grant" drop-down at the bottom of this webpage. 

Existing Hires

Students who currently have an on-campus position or have held one before are considered "Existing Hires" and paperwork is not needed. In these cases, you need only complete the eHire form in my.butler

New Hires

Students who don't currently have an on-campus position or have never had one are considered "New Hires" and new hire paperwork is needed in addition to you completing the eHire form in my.butler. The new hire must complete all paperwork before they can begin their position:

  1. Your student employee will first digitally complete and email the New Hire Paperwork Packet forms (steps can be found under "Getting Hired")
  2. The student should complete page #1 of the I-9 form, print the form, sign it, and schedule an "On-campus Employment and Federal Work Study" appointment with a CaPS staff member through Handshake. The student will need to bring the I-9 form, and 2 valid ID documents to the appointment (passport, social security card, photo ID, and/or birth certificate). IDs must be original, no photocopies will be accepted.
  3. CaPS staff will complete page #2 of the I-9 form for the supervisor.
  4. If the student is unable to meet with a CaPS staff member in a reasonable time, you as the supervisor can complete page #2 of the I-9 form and send it through Campus Mail directly to CaPS (BB 102).
    1. If you're completing page #2 I-9 form instead of CaPS staff, please follow these guidelines:

How to Fill Out EHire

Read the How To Fill Out EHire Guide. If needed, read the Check the Status of Students Submitted in eHire guide.

**If you are filling out a Grant Funded Student Employee Form, you will not need to submit a eHire. Scroll down to the "Funding Student Wages with a Grant" menu at the bottom.

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Forms and Guides

Video Walkthrough

Note: this video may reference handling documents physically. Do not print any forms. Do not make I.D. color copy scans. Forms should be handling digitally. Scans of I.D.s will be completed by the CaPS team.

Supervisor Guides

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Additional Info 

How to Complete and Sign PDFs

  • New Hire Paperwork documents require students and supervisors to type text into PDFs and insert their digital signatures.
  • Although students and supervisors can use the PDF reader application of their choice, Adobe Acrobat is recommended.
Obtaining Adobe Acrobat
Inserting Digital Signature


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

It's not required that you post a position on the University-wide Handshake job board. However, please keep in mind the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Consider promoting to and hiring every Butler student qualified for a position, which often necessitates reaching beyond the group of students you see on a day-to-day basis (e.g., in your department/office, or on class rosters for any given semester). Many students are in the process of declaring majors/minors and may not yet be on your lists.

What ID Documents Are Acceptable?

  • Part of the I-9 completion process requires that student employees present acceptable identification documents to you as their supervisor. You then complete page 2 of the I-9 form with the presented documents. Read the full list of acceptable documents. 
  • Documents must be unexpired originals, no photos or copies are allowed. Completing page 2 of the I-9 by looking at photocopies and/or scanned images is not acceptable per federal law. Page 3 of the I-9 explains document types, also showing which list (A, B or C) each document must be entered.

Posting Your Position to Handshake

  • Butler's online employment portal Handshake is the primary place students are instructed to look for on-campus jobs.
Getting Started
Special Tips
  1. When posting a job in Handshake, please be sure to select the "Email a summary of all applicants once my job expires" and "Email every time a new student applies" options. Notification emails will automatically be sent to the posting's contact.
  2. Log into Handshake regularly to check applications. Read Handshake's How To guide on viewing and accessing applicants' materials.

Approving Time for Students

How Do Students Get Paid? (Payroll, Timesheet, and Hourly Rate)

  • How does a student log hours in my.butler? Screenshot Guide
  • When are student employees paid? Payroll Schedule
  • How does a student set up direct deposit? During the Fall 2020 term, Student Accounts will not be distributing physical student payroll checks. They strongly encourage students to enroll in direct deposit. Students can view how to enroll on our student employment website. 
  • What is the hourly pay rate? All students get paid by the hour (stipends are NOT permitted). The amount they can be paid is determined usually by each individual department. Student pay rates can vary for a variety of reasons (department budgets, work load, assigned hours per week, etc.) but typically the average hourly pay rate is somewhere between $8.00 - $11.00. The legal minimum wage in Indiana is $7.25 per hour.
    • If you wish to give your student employees raises or increase hourly pay, you must submit a Status Change Formstack form (above) to HR. 

Student Questions About On-Campus Employment or Paperwork

Entering Student Employees' Work Hours for Them

Hiring International Students

Please review the required steps via our Guide for Hiring International Students.

  • As stated in the guide, supervisors are required to submit a letter of employment for international students. You can view the letter template here. 
  • International students can only work on campus jobs (not off campus) and cannot exceed 20 hours per week
  • International students must apply for a social security (SS) card OR already have a SS card in order to start work on campus:
    • Start dates for international students may be delayed as theire are several steps that must be completed first.
    • When completing paperwork, HR will accept a 'SS card receipt' in order for the student to be hired and start working.
    • However, when the student receives their actual SS card, they must present the card immediately to HR or The Student Employment Coordinator. 

For additional guidance on International Student resources, please feel free to contact Bobbie Gibson in the International Student Services office ( 

Hiring Students During Summer

  • Students can work up to 37.5 hours during the summer. However if the students will be working full-time, they may become eligible for ACA benefits. In that event someone from the benefits team will contact them. This may also change their tax bracket since they will be making more. If students have any questions regarding that, please contact the Payroll Office or the HR office (
  • To avoid going full-time, most on campus departments have students work part-time (somewhere in between 20-35 hours a week) during the summer, depending on the work load and students availability.

  • The student employment process for hiring student employees over the summer remains the same as it does during the academic year, other than the scheduled work hours per week. Students must still complete New Hire paperwork (only if needed), and supervisors still must submit the eHire form for their student employee(s). 

Hiring Federal Work Study Students

  • Federal work study (FWS) students can work in any department/office on campus, and the hiring of FWS eligible students is no different than hiring any other student employee.
  • There is no budget-relief for on-campus academic departments who hire FWS students. 
  • However, if you are a supervisor in any of the following on campus centers, then both the student and supervisor should contact CaPS Director Gary Beaulieu ( for next steps:
    • ​Butler Center for the Arts (Schrott & Clowes)
    • Butler CUE
    • Center for Faith & Vocation
    • Center for Citzenship & Community
    • Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra
    • Indianapolis Childrens Choir
    • Indianapolis Symphonic Choir
  • For the student there are certain things they need to know about how working on campus affects their FASFA and eligibility for FWS for the next academic year.
  • If you get any FWS student questions, please refer them to this site: FWS Students or have them contact Butler’s Financial Aid office directly.
  • If  your office or department partners with local non-profits in Indiana who would like to hire FWS students, please refer them to our FWS Community Service Partners webpage.

Hiring Students Beyond Graduation

  • Once a Butler student graduates from the University and is not enrolled in classes, they're no longer considered a "student employee" and cannot be hired through eHire. 
  • If you wish to hire (or keep) a current student in their role beyond commencement, they will need to be hired as "staff" through the PageUp system. 
  • All staff positions are entered into PageUp and must go through the staff hiring process, including a background check. In addition, recent graduates need to visit the Human Resources office in JH 037 to ensure that all hiring paperwork is up-to-date.
  • Please contact HR with any questions at:

Funding Student Wages with a Grant

  • If the position is to be funded through an internal/external grant, you'll need to complete the Grant-Funded Student Employment Form and email it to Bridget Strong in the Office of Sponsored Programs (BIRS, Jordan Hall 116).
  • Once the form makes its way around campus and all required signatures are collected, HR will then enter the student's job information into eHire for the supervisor. If you have any questions, please contact
  • Grant funded forms cannot be entered by the department or supervisor into eHire – has to be done by HR. 

*Note on the form where it asks if a student has or has not worked on campus. If they have not, the student must fill out the New Hire Paperwork Packet and that paperwork will need to be emailed toCaPS Director Gary Beaulieu ( to review. The student can review how to digitally submit the paperwork via the link here:

Terminating Student Employee

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Further Assistance

If you have any questions about on-campus student employment, please reach out to us:

  1. Email CaPS Senior Director Gary Beaulieu
  2. Email the CaPS general inbox


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