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Campus Life
Campus Life

Temporary Disabilities

Butler University will make every effort to provide assistance to Butler students with temporary disabilities. Determinations about specific support services will be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the individuals on campus noted below.

How can I request assistance for a temporary disability?

If you have a temporary disability and need assistance to manage day-to-day activities, contact the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs. Call 317-940-9570 to schedule an appointment.

A discussion with a staff member in Student Affairs regarding your particular circumstances can provide insight into the type of services that might be appropriate. The office is located in Atherton Union, room 200 up the steps between the bookstore and Atherton Marketplace. Steps are required to reach the main door. You may also get to the office by using the Atherton elevator at the south end of the building. On the third floor there is a wheelchair accessible disability entrance into our office. We can also meet you at any main floor location.

What kinds of supports are available?

Temporary disability accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Office of Vice President of Student Affairs, Counseling and Consultation Services, Dining Services, Residence Life, Student Disability Services, and/or Health Services, depending on the nature of the request and as may be deemed necessary by the University.

  • If you have to miss class due to temporary disability, contact the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs and request a faculty notification be sent. Based on the information you provide, we will alert your instructors to absences or challenges for which you may need assistance. This notification is NOT an excuse. Students are expected to communicate directly with their instructors and to make up missed work. The Student Affairs notification may give some advance warning of this upcoming communication 317-940-9570.
  • If you feel a temporary room location change would help your situation, contact the 
Office of Residence Life in Atherton Union, room 303, 317-940-9458.
  • If you need close access to university buildings, contact the Butler University Police Department (BUPD) to investigate a temporary disabled parking permit (medical documentation will be requested). Butler University is not able to transport students with mobility challenges to and from classes or to off campus appointments. For campus transport students may need to rely on friends with vehicles, the Zip Car Rental program, or utilize a taxi service to get to off campus appointments.
  • If you cannot get to the dining hall a friend may bring meals to your room. Complete the “Sick Tray Form” or contact Dining Services, Atherton Union, room 110, 317-940-9701.
  • If you are living in a Greek house and would like to discuss temporary services, contact your chapter president, house manager, or house corporation president. Becky Druetzler, Director of Greek Life may also be of assistance, Atherton Union, room 312, 317-940-6590.
  • If you feel you need exam or classroom related accommodations such as extended time on exams etc., contact Student Disability Services in Jordan Hall, room 136, 317-940-9308.

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