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Butler’s Old National Bank Center for Business Excellence


Butler University students have the opportunity to complete micro-internship projects through the BlueWork platform starting as early as the second semester of their first-year. Once students complete the BlueWork course they will then become a Student Contractor and will have the ability to complete short-term, project-based work through the BlueWork platform. Student Contractors will gain access and exposure to different industries and organizations while developing their professional skills through micro-internship projects. 

Who is eligible?

Students interested in becoming Student Contractors must first complete the BlueWork course. This course will require two, 1.5-hour virtual Zoom training sessions along with training modules to be completed online through Canvas.  All Butler University Students can register for the BlueWork course at any point throughout their time at Butler starting the second semester of their first-year all the way through graduate school. Upon completing the BlueWork course, students will become certified Student Contractors and will be given access to the BlueWork platform to begin project-based micro-internships. 

What is BlueWork?

BlueWork is a new platform that connects students and employers for short-term, project-based work opportunities (micro-internships). Students gain valuable work experience to build their resume even prior to an internship experience and organizations gain access to talent without the need to hire and supervise an intern or full-time employee. The platform  will launch in May 2021 for Student Analysts and August 2021 for Student Contractors. Visit the BlueWork page to learn more and to register for the BlueWork course.

What is the BlueWork course?

The BlueWork course is a combination of in-person training sessions as well as online Canvas training modules that students must complete in order to become certified to use the BlueWork platform as a Student Contractor. The course consists of two 1.5 hour workshops and four self-paced training modules. The workshops will give students a better understanding of how to manage project-based work and how to use the BlueWork platform. The training modules will help familiarize students with tools that are useful for completing project-based work. Students can register for the course waitlist here.

Will I be compensated for my work in BlueWork?

It depends on the project and a student's preference. BlueWork has both paid and unpaid projects available to students. When students create their BlueWork profile, they can determine whether they are open to both paid and unapid work.

If you want paid work, then yes, as a Student Contractor you will be paid the rate specified in the employers' project request. Typically these rates are between $10-$15 per hour. Contractors will track their time in BlueWork, which will be monitored and approved by the project employer. Every two weeks Student Contractors will submit their time to the project employer to review and approve. Once approved, the Student Contractor will send the project employer an invoice for their time based on the hours logged and approved. This allows Student Contractors to be paid on a biweekly basis unless other arrangments are agreed upon with the employer. Students will be 1099 contractors and are required to submit all necessary paperwork directly to the employer.

Student Analysts are interns for Butler's ONB Center and are paid by Butler University as part-time employees based on the hours logged and are paid for both internal work, professional development, training and the projects available for Student Analysts through the BlueWork platform. 

How do I become a Student Analyst?

Those interested in becoming Student Analysts through the ONB Center Internship Experience are encouraged to first complete the BlueWork course to become a certified Student Contractor in the BlueWork platform. Completing micro-internships as a Student Contractor through the BlueWork platform will provide students with useful skills, experience, and knowledge that will make them a successful Student Analyst. Students who have completed micro-internships through the BlueWork platrform as a Student Contractor will be preferred candidates for the Student Analyst positions through the ONB Center Internship Experience. Visit the ONB Center Internship Experience page to learn more.