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A Volatile World Requires Vulnerable Leadership

By Bryan Brenner & Rebecca Ellis

The rate of change in the global economy has hit a new level of importance and speed. One can argue that things have always changed quickly but, research shows today’s new level of change and disruption is the norm. This is brought about by several factors including, widespread access to information, technology disruption and, the globalization of the economy. Regardless of the myriad reasons, let’s explore the need for leadership in this new reality, especially in the context of our current pandemic.

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Six C’s for Staying Engaged and Inspired Remotely

By Heather Haas

Like many businesses, ADVISA’s offices are closed and our team is working from home, conducting all our business with clients virtually. The challenge for us and for many others is to continue to conduct business and keep our teams in engaged when we can’t see each other or collaborate in a physical space.

In preparing our team for this new normal, six key strategies rose to the top and, coincidentally, they all include the letter C.

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