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Public Safety
Public Safety

Dawg Watch

Campus Safety and Crime Prevention

Campus Safety starts with you. Butler University is located in the heart of the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood on the north side of Indianapolis. Crime can occur anywhere and the following safety and crime prevention tips can prevent you from becoming a victim.


The Butler University Dawg Watch program is a community-based crime prevention program. It is designed for faculty, staff and students of Butler University along with Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association (BTNA) community members. This program is an adaptation of the successful community block watch programs used all across the country. This community block watch program has been structured to accommodate our urban University community.

The Dawg Watch program will be organized by the Butler University Police Department and consist of campus and community volunteers (WatchDawgs). The WatchDawgs as a group will meet monthly to train and discuss matters related to crime prevention.

The Butler University WatchDawgs have two major goals:

  • The first is to prevent criminal activity or to reduce its frequency.
  • The second goal is to increase the protection for the individual members, their colleagues and property in our community.

These goals can be reached through education. This education will take place through monthly meetings, guest speakers and special training seminars.


  • To provide a forum for the exchange and coordination of ideas, concepts, and strategies to prevent and reduce crime on campus and throughout BTNA.
  • To educate the campus and the surrounding community in matters relating to crime prevention.
  • To encourage extensive student and community involvement in the reduction of crime and the opportunity for crimes to be committed.
  • To share information with everybody on campus and in the community all matters relating to the continued development of a comprehensive plan for crime prevention.
  • To facilitate the education of all members of Butler University and the surrounding community in matters which increase personal and community safety.
  • To encourage better communication between BUPD and the campus community along with the BTNA in order to work towards better crime prevention.

The Role of a WatchDawg

As a Butler WatchDawg you will be a vital link between the University, community and BUPD. Many people complain among themselves about criminal activity but few ever do anything about it. By being a member of the Butler WatchDawgs program you will not be one of those people. With your commitment to the program you will now be someone who does something about it. Your role is as an extra set of eyes for the police department. As a WatchDawg you will report all suspicious and potentially criminal activity. You will become an informed citizen with all the tools to properly report criminal activity. As a WatchDawg you are NOT to attempt to apprehend or engage a suspicious subject. You are to report the observed activity to BUPD in the manner that you will have been trained to do.


The first step in becoming a Butler WatchDawg is training. In this training you will learn the theories of crime prevention. You will learn how to best protect yourself and you will learn how to properly assess the physical risk in your work and living area. You will have the thought process of criminals explained to you and you will be given strategies to assist you in protecting yourself on campus and in your daily life.

Your responsibility will be to take this knowledge back to your office, residence hall, home, family and friends. You will be asked to practice these strategies make them a part of your daily routine and pass them on to others. These practices and techniques are designed to reduce your chance of criminal victimization.

Another responsibility that you will have is to report suspicious persons and activities to the police. You as a WatchDawg will assist the police in working to prevent crime, establish patters and identify suspects. You will receive training on how to properly report criminal or suspicious activity to the police. This is a key role in keeping our community safe.

Our community should not have to be victimized by criminals. You, the Butler WatchDawgs, have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to our community. Through your active involvement in this program, each and every one of you help make our community not only a safer place but a better place. Together, we will make a difference.

If you have any questions, please contact Sgt. Tony Rivera.