Tuition & Fees

Tuition, fees, and other charges paid by the student cover approximately 80 percent of the educational costs at Butler University. The University provides the remaining funds through income from its endowment and gifts from foundations, business and industry, alumni, and friends. Tuition and fee levels are set by the Butler University Board of Trustees and are subject to change by action of the Board.

The college year consists of two semesters and a one-session summer school. The academic year includes the fall and spring semesters. The unit of instruction is the semester hour, which normally signifies one recitation a week throughout a semester or an equivalent.

Educational Costs 2021–2022

Tuition charges are based on the number of credit hours (with the exception of PharmD, 6th year) and the college of enrollment. The rates are as follows.

Undergraduate Tuition: LSB, COE, JCA, LAS, CCOM

Full-time (12–20 hours) $21,205/semester
1–11 hours $1,760/hr
Each hour above 20 hours $1,760/hr

COPHS/Health Sciences

Full-time (12–20 hrs)

Pharmacy year 1 (pre-Pharmacy) $21,205/semester
Pharmacy year 2 (pre-Pharmacy) $21,205/semester
Pharmacy year 3 (P1) $22,520/semester
Pharmacy year 4 (P2) $22,520/semester
Pharmacy year 5 (P3) $22,520/semester
PharmD (6th year only) $48,840/year*
1–20 hours is billed:
     10% Summer $4,884
     45% Fall $21,978
     45% Spring $21,978
*Rate is NOT based on number of hours enrolled
Each hour over 20 hours $1,870/hr
Pre-Pharmacy (1–11 hours) $1,760/hr
Pre-Pharmacy (each hour over 20) $1,760/hr
Pharmacy—P1–P3 (1–11 hours) $1,870/hr
Pharmacy—P1–P3 (each hour over 20) $1,870/hr
Health Sciences (12–20 hours) $21,205/semester
Health Sciences (1–11 hours) $1,760/hr
Health Sciences (each hour over 20) $1,760/hr

Graduate Tuition

Tuition rate is based on college of enrollment and program:

Liberal Arts and Sciences $610/hr
MFA in Creative Writing (LAS) $895/hr
College of Education $580/hr
Jordan College of the Arts $610/hr
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
(Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Science)
Doctor of Medical Science (COPHS) $700/hr
Doctor of Medical Science Bridge Program $850/hr
PA Master’s Program $45,940/year
Applies to students admitted to program summer 2015–summer 2020
1–20 hours is billed:
     10% Summer $4,594
     45% Fall $20,673
     45% Spring $20,673
*Rate is NOT based on number of hours enrolled
Each hour over 20 hours $1,870/hr
PA Graduate (Two-year program with first cohort beginning summer 2021)

Billed summer 2021 ($9,410), fall ($18,820), spring ($18,820)

Billed summer 2022 ($9,410), fall ($18,820), spring ($18,820)

MBA (LSB) $950/hr
MPAcc 400/500-level courses (LSB) $895/hr
MSRI (LSB) $950/hr
MIM $850/hr
Master’s in Strategic Communication (effective spring 2022)

Note: Program cost for students enrolled prior to spring 2022 is $580 per credit hour.


Miscellaneous Fees

Full-time undergraduate activity fee $188/semester
Health and Recreation Complex fee (full-time, undergraduate) $307/semester
Individual Music Instruction Fee $325/credit hour
Orientation fee—first-year and transfer—fall $165 (one time fee)
Orientation fee—first-year and transfer—spring $100 (one time fee)
Residence hall program fee $50/year
COPHS Mobile Computing fee (P1–P4; & PA Masters) $175/semester
MSRI Program/Tech Fee $415
MBA 505 Program/Tech Fee $150
MIM Technology Fee $400 (one time fee during summer)
MIM Professional Development Fee $500/semester (during fall & spring)
JCA PT Dance Fee $150/semester
Study-abroad fee $450/semester
Study-abroad fee (for each program less than 8 weeks) $250/semester
Student Health Insurance**TBD
** May be waived by providing evidence of comparable health insurance coverage in an online insurance waiver process. For details, visit

Housing and Dining Plan Rates

Irvington House (academic year contract)
Double room $3,710/semester
Single room $5,205/semester
Residential College/Resco (academic year contract)
Double room $3,475/semester
Single room $5,000/semester
Fairview House (academic year contract)
Double $4,175/semester
Single $4,650/semester
Loft Double $4,445/semester
Apartment Village (academic year)
Single Room $5,490/semester
Butler Terrace and University Terrace (academic year) 
Double $4,380/semester
Single $5,090/semester
Ross Hall (academic year contract)
Double room $2,860/semester
Single room $4,255/semester
South Campus Apartments (academic year)
Buildings A and B—Double $4,380/semester
Buildings A and B—Single $5,090/semester
Buildings C—Double $4,125/semester
Buildings C—Single $4,815/semester
Resident Dining Plans
(Required for Irvington House, Fairview House, Ross Hall, and Residential College)
300 Block Plan + $400 Flex Dollars $3,715/semester
250 Block Plan + $500 Flex Dollars $3,615/semester
220 Block Plan + $600 Flex Dollars $3,500/semester
Community Dining Plans (Voluntary)
117 Block Plan + $300 Flex Dollars $1,750/semester
87  Block Plan + $400 Flex Dollars $1,500/semester
57  Block Plan + $500 Flex Dollars $1,250/semester
25 Block Plan + $250 Flex Dollars $625/semester
The charges above do not include the cost of books, supplies, parking fee, or other incidental expenses students may incur during the course of the academic year.


Butler University policy requires all students to complete the Acceptance of Financial Responsibility statement, accessible via (Click on Self Service Student Homepage and click on the tile marked TASKS, then click on Butler Accept Financial Responsibility and follow the instructions.) Acceptance is required prior to enrollment each semester. The Acceptance of Financial Responsibility statement outlines the student’s responsibility for paying all expenses incurred, including any applicable penalties.

Students who register through the New Student Registration process for fall 2021 will receive an electronic billing statement (E-Bill), July 14, 2021, for tuition, fees, housing, and dining plans. (The E-Bill notification is sent via a student’s Butler email address.) Payment is due in full August 3, 2021, if the student is not enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan for fall 2021. Students not enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan who have not paid in full by the first day of classes will be assessed a monthly finance charge of 1.5 percent (18 percent APR) and a Student Financials Hold All indicator will be added to the account.   (The indicator prevents schedule changes and the release of grades and transcripts.) Course registration may also be canceled. Students who register after their designated registration time will be required to pay all charges in full to receive grade or transcript information. If enrollment is added after the term or semester has ended, the student must pay for the course(s) before grade and/or transcript information will be released from the University.

Butler University offers a payment plan that allows students and families to divide the semester charges (e.g., tuition, fees, room, board, etc.) into manageable monthly payments. There is a nominal participation fee of $25 (four payments) each semester (fall and spring). Further information regarding the 2021-2022 payment plan is available at A late fee of 1 percent of the past-due amount will be charged to the student account if payment is not received by the due date on the E-Bill or if the amount received is less than the payment indicated on the E-Bill and a Student Financials Hold All indicator will be added to the account. Payment plan participation may be jeopardized and discontinued after two missed payments or payments submitted that are less than the amount billed. If the payment plan is discontinued, the balance will accrue interest and will be due in full immediately. Students with past-due balances may also have classes canceled. Individuals with past-due balances or poor payment histories with the University may be denied participation in the plan.

The Office of Student Accounts utilizes electronic billing (E-Bill) and electronic payment (E-Pay), for which information is available at Payment is accepted electronically by check (no fee) or credit card. Credit card payments include a 2.75 percent nonrefundable convenience fee. MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa are accepted. Note: The Office of Student Accounts also accepts paper checks, money orders, and 529 savings plan distribution for payment.

The University provides a tuition prepayment plan, which guarantees a fixed tuition rate for all prepaid semesters. The prepaid tuition rates are based on the first term in which the student participates in the prepaid program. This program applies only to students enrolled on a full-time basis in an undergraduate degree program or the PharmD program. The prepayment plan does not apply to graduate programs and does not apply to summer tuition charges. Additional information is available at

Federal regulations require that Butler University apply federal (Title IV) financial aid funds first to “allowable charges” which include tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board charges contracted with Butler University. To apply any remaining federal funds to miscellaneous charges (e.g., bookstore charges, parking fee, health services charges, traffic fines, interest charges), the University is required to obtain student authorization. If authorization is not received before financial aid funds post to the student account, the federal Title IV funds will not be applied to miscellaneous charges. This may result in an outstanding balance on the student account, resulting in late fees and services restricted until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Students may grant permission for federal Title IV funds to pay miscellaneous charges by logging into, selecting Self Service Student Homepage then Student Center and under FINANCES, select View Student Permissions then Grant Permissions. Once federal student permission is granted, it continues to be valid for future years. The permission can be revoked only if the student submits a written request directly to the Office of Student Accounts.

The official schedule is available at, click on Refund Policy —two types. Students should refer to the tuition refund schedule prior to making any schedule changes. Also, it is critical for students receiving financial assistance from any aid program (University, federal, and/or state) to contact the Office of Financial Aid before changing enrollment. Contact the Office of Student Accounts to obtain information about the Summer Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule.

Students who fail to attend class and/or pay tuition charges are not considered withdrawn from the course(s). Withdrawals must be made through the advisor or dean of the college in which the student is enrolled. All past-due balances must be paid before a student will be permitted to enroll for a new semester/term.

Federal regulations require that, as a part of an institution’s Return of Funds Policy, an office or offices must be designated as the point of contact for students to begin the withdrawal process. The designated office(s) must document the date the student withdraws or otherwise provides official notification to the institution of the intent to withdraw. At Butler, the student’s college dean’s office is the designated office at which a student must withdraw. For medical withdrawals, the student should contact the Office of the Dean of Students. The date of withdrawal will be utilized by the Office of Financial Aid in determining the amount of financial assistance that may be retained by the student, based upon the percentage of the enrollment period (semester) that the student completed to that point in time. In the case of a student who does not withdraw or otherwise notify Butler University of the intent to withdraw, the date used will be the midpoint of the payment period for which assistance was disbursed, unless the attendance records document an earlier or later date.

The Office of Student Accounts requires students to complete a Refund Request (available at to receive a refund check for a credit balance on the account. However, if the credit on the account is due to federal (Title IV) financial aid funds, the Office of Student Accounts will issue a check  without a written request. If the credit balance is due to a federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), the refund check will be issued to the parent borrower and mailed to the home address on file for the PLUS borrower. Students, with credit balances due to federal funds, who do not want refunds issued without written request, can provide written documentation to the Office of Student Accounts.

If the student is anticipating a credit balance, it is recommended that a Refund Request be submitted regardless of funding sources. Refund checks are available after the 100% Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule for each term and processed weekly while classes are in session. Requests must be submitted by end of day on Tuesday to have a check mailed by Friday.

With the exception of PLUS refunds, checks are issued to students only.

Refund checks are not processed when classes are not in session.

A student who is past due in any debt to the University will have a financial hold placed on his/her student account. The student is not permitted to register in any school or college of the University and is not entitled to an official or unofficial transcript or grade report, from the Office of Registration and Records and will not receive a diploma or be permitted to apply for readmission to Butler University until the indebtedness has been paid in full.

Any check (electronic or paper) presented to the University that fails to clear the bank shall be subject to a nonrefundable $25 returned check fee. The fee and the returned check amount will be posted to the student’s account. If the check is for payment of a debt, it also will be considered as nonpayment. A “Returned Check” indicator will be added to the account which prevents enrollment changes, release of transcripts, grades, diplomas and check cashing.  The indicator will be removed when the insufficiency has been satisfied. Students may also be held responsible for reasonable collections fees, attorney fees, and court costs without relief of evaluation and appraisement law to collect outstanding balances.

When a student is in possession of University property or owes a particular department for charges not applied to the student account, the department may request a hold to be placed on a student’s account. The hold prevents the release of University transcripts, grades, diploma, student refund checks and enrollment changes.  The Department Requested Hold is removed when the requesting department confirms receipt of the University property with the Office of Student Accounts.

Anyone who fails to pay monies owed to Butler University by the scheduled due date will have a financial hold placed on their account.  The financial hold prevents future registration, the release of official and unofficial transcripts, diplomas and check cashing.  Butler University charges interest of 1.5% monthly (18% APR) on the past due portion of the account until the account is paid in full.  Accounts that remain past due may be placed at a third party collection agency and reported to national credit bureaus. If the account is placed at a collection agency, the individual is responsible for payment of all collection fees.

The University will bill a third party for tuition, room and board, and miscellaneous fees, provided that: 1) a voucher and/or written authorization is received by the Office of Student Accounts prior to the beginning of each semester; and 2) payment will be made on or before the first day of the semester. The University will not bill any employer or third party who pays upon completion of the course(s). Any balance remaining unpaid on the first day of the semester will be assessed a monthly finance charge of 1.5 percent (18 percent APR). If the third party will not pay the finance charge, the student will be responsible for payment. Students will continue to receive a billing statement directly from Butler University until the account balance is paid in full. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the third-party payer to determine why a delay in payment has occurred.