Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies

(Formerly Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies)


Terri Carney, PhD, Program Director

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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Requirements

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies provides an interdisciplinary setting in which students can examine gender—the social meaning of the distinction between the sexes—and sexuality—sexual identities, discourses, and institutions—as they intersect with race, class, ethnicity, nationality, and transnational movements.

In required courses, students analyze gender and sexuality from a variety of academic fields, and they explore the theoretical and historical basis of such study. Upper-division electives are chosen from at least three disciplines, allowing students to pursue their inquiries in more depth without narrowing their focus to a single field. Internships provide students with the option to apply theoretical knowledge to work and/or community-based learning opportunities.

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies is an excellent complement to all majors at Butler University, regardless of whether the student plans to attend graduate school or seek employment immediately after graduation. For students interested in graduate school, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies provides a strong foundation in women’s and gender studies, as well as for advanced work in any academic discipline that lends itself to gender critique. For students interested in entering the workforce, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies students are well equipped to work in a diverse and multicultural world, an attribute today’s employers are seeking in a variety of professions and occupations, including public administration, social services, business, the arts, law, medicine, social work, anthropology, journalism, media, and criminology.

Degree Programs

  • Major in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (BA)
  • Minor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies