Degree after Completing One Year of Professional Study

Candidates for the degree of bachelor of arts or bachelor of science may be permitted to spend their senior year in an approved school of medicine, dentistry, law, religion, or forestry, and may receive a degree from Butler University provided they complete the following:

  • All Core Curriculum requirements of Butler University for the bachelor’s degree.
  • Foreign language requirement of the College.
  • 98 hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0. (Transfer students in LAS pre-professional programs who have successfully completed at least 64 semester hours at Butler University, of which at least 10 hours are upper-division, and who have a total of at least 98 hours, also may spend the senior year in professional school and complete the requirements for the BA or BS degree at Butler.)
  • All requirements for the major.
  • At the professional school, a number of credits equivalent in hours and grade points to the omitted work of the senior year at Butler University.