Peace & Conflict Studies


Robin L. Turner, PhD, associate professor of political science

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Peace and Conflict Studies Requirements

The interdisciplinary Peace and Conflict Studies Program seeks to promote a critical understanding of the nature and dynamics of violent conflict and the conditions and practice of peace from the local to the global levels. The program defines violence broadly to include structural, political, economic, cultural, and environmental injustice as well as human rights violations and physical harm. It provides a structured program of study for students to better understand the causes of violence and to develop the skills necessary to build peace through everyday practices, nonviolent direct action, activism, conflict resolution, diplomacy, and policy change. Peace and Conflict Studies alumni have pursued careers in policy analysis, government, non-governmental organizations, journalism, teaching, law, and business.

Peace & Conflict Studies Student Learning Outcomes

  • To acquire a complex understanding of the nature and origins of violence, its dynamics, different manifestations and modes of expression
  • To better understand when, why,  and how conflict occurs and the different means by which conflicts are expressed, persist, and are resolved
  • To critically evaluate and devise strategies for peace through reflection on different ethical, religious, philosophical, and cultural approaches to peace, the work of major thinkers and activists, and public policy
  • To develop knowledge, analytical skills, and practical training through:
    • Analysis of theories and theoretical models, case-studies, language and value systems, and historical precedents and trends
    • Practical training in activism, constructive dialogue, conflict resolution, and research
    • Internships and other experiential learning opportunities such as the Desmond Tutu Peace Lab and Butler study abroad programs

Degree Programs

  • Peace and Conflict Studies (BA)
  • Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies