Modern Languages Requirements

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Requirements for the Majors

A Chinese major consists of a minimum of 33 hours, with at least 24 being in Chinese language courses and at least 9 in approved electives.

A French or German major consists of a minimum of 33 hours in the language, with at least 24 being at the 300 level or above. Both require the completion of one designated 300-level skills course and at least two 400-level courses.

A Spanish major consists of a minimum of 33 hours in the language, with at least 24 being at the 300 level or above. For those students entering Butler fall 2018 onward, at least 18 credits must be completed from SP325–499. The major requires the completion of one 300-level skills course, a minimum of two culture/literature courses, and a minimum of one linguistics course. At least two courses—whether culture/literature and/or linguistics—must be completed at the 400 level.

The Multilingual major consists of a minimum of 51 hours, with advanced study in at least one language and beginning/intermediate-level studies in at least two additional languages. (This works out to the equivalent of an individual modern languages major, plus at least six more eligible courses across a minimum of two additional languages. At least two courses must be completed in each secondary language. High school dual enrollment courses do not count toward fulfilling the secondary language requirements.)

Requirements for the Minors

A minor in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish consists of a minimum of 21 hours in the language, with at least 12 being at the 300 or 400 levels. The German minor requires the completion of at least one 400-level course. The Spanish minor requires the completion of at least one culture/literature or linguistics course (SP325–499).

Placement and Earned Credits

At Butler we recognize the language accomplishments of incoming students. Whether you completed regular high school courses, dual enrollment courses, or AP/IB/CLEP exams, we’ll help place you in the appropriate level at Butler and assign the correct number of credits for your previous work. For more detailed information on determining placement and earned credits, please visit the departmental website.

Modern Language Center

The student Modern Language Center (MLC) located in Jordan Hall room 391 is a soft space where language students are welcome to spend time and discover new cultures. Located in the heart of the Modern Languages department, the MLC is the perfect place to interact with language professors and like-minded students. The MLC includes a large viewing area, film viewing stations for individuals, computers and a Smart Board. In addition to state-of-the-art facilities, the MLC hosts a number of activities designed to promote language learning and cultural awareness, including language club meetings. Events, workshops, and lectures focusing on language, culture, and social issues also take place in the Center. The MLC provides a safe environment where the discovery of languages, literatures, and cultures is not only accepted, but encouraged.

Courses Taught in English

Chinese, French, German, multilingual, and Spanish majors can count one FL (“foreign language”) course toward a major. Courses taught in English do not satisfy the foreign language requirement for CCOM, international business, or LAS degrees (whether primary or secondary).

Courses Taught in Foreign Languages

To help students gain fluency, the target language is used extensively from the first day. Courses at the 300 and 400 levels are conducted completely in the target language.

NOTE: The information found on this website with respect to major/minor/program requirements is primarily directed at providing prospective students a general roadmap of the curriculum. Current Butler students are expected to review their degree audit report at and speak with their advisor regularly for detailed information regarding their specific degree requirements and their progress toward degree completion.