LAS General Information

College Graduation Requirements—Bachelor of Arts Degree

Students may be graduated upon completion of 120 semester hours, including the Core Curriculum, 40 hours of upper-division work (courses numbered 300 and above), the foreign language requirement, and a major in the College.

College Graduation Requirements—Bachelor of Science Degree

To receive a bachelor of science degree, students must, in addition to satisfying the regular University, College, and major requirements, complete at least 60 hours of courses in the natural sciences and mathematics—specifically courses in biological sciences, chemistry, physics, astronomy, mathematics, computer science, software engineering, and Core Curriculum courses in The Natural World and Analytic Reasoning.

Foreign Language Requirements

Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences seeking the degree of bachelor of arts or bachelor of science must demonstrate competence in a foreign language by earning at least 6 hours of credit in one foreign language at the 200 level or above. Foreign language courses are offered at the 100 level for students in need of preparation for more advanced study. Although 100-level courses do not satisfy the foreign language requirement, they do count as credit hours toward the degree. All first-year students must take a placement examination. Further information is available in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and the Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Classics. American Sign Language (ASL) also fulfills the LAS language requirement. Students should contact the College of Communication’s Communication Sciences and Disorders program for more information on ASL. Students with Liberal Arts and Sciences secondary majors whose primary majors are in other colleges must fulfill the foreign language requirement.