Data Science Minor


Robert  J. Padgett, PhD, Program Director

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The field of data science concerns the transformation of data into actionable insights. Butler’s interdisciplinary minor in data science is designed to provide undergraduate students with the mathematical, statistical, and computer programing tools necessary to broaden their disciplinary education, preparing them for success in an increasingly data-driven world.

At Butler, a minor in data science is an ideal vehicle for students whose passion may be in the social sciences, the natural sciences, health sciences, engineering, economics, or business to gain useful and marketable technical skills that will prepare them for graduate training in data science/data analytics and give them broader skills immediately applicable to the workplace. The courses required for the minor in data science can be customized so that students can choose options that will allow them to develop competencies to complement their majors.

Requirements for the Minor

The minor consists of 24/25 hours of total course work, comprising a content core and electives.

Content Core (18 or 19 if MA106 is taken):

  • MA162, Intro to Statistics (3)
  • CS142, Intro to Programming (3)
  • DS110, Intro to Data Science (3)
  • MA106, Calculus I (4) or MA125, Business Calculus (3)
  • CS151, Foundations of Computing 1 (3)
  • DS210, Applications of Data Mining (3)

Electives (6 hours selected from any of the courses below):

  • DS394, Internship (1-6)
  • DS398, Special Topics (3)
  • Computer Science Electives*
  • CS248, Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures (3)
  • CS333, Database Systems (3)
  • CS351, Algorithms (3)
  • SE361, Object-Oriented Design (3)
  • Math and Statistics Electives*
  • MA360, Probability Theory 1 (3)
  • MA361, Statistical Methods (3)
  • MA362, Linear Regression and Time Series (3)
  • MA365, Numerical Analysis (3)
  • MA369, Multivariate Statistical Methods (3)
  • MA397, Actuarial Mathematics 1 (3)
  • MA398, Actuarial Mathematics 2 (3)
  • Other electives*
  • EC464, Quantitative Methods (3)
  • MS372, Database Design (3)
  • MS495, Special Topics/Data Analytics Using R (3)
  • PS310, Advanced Statistics in Psychology (3)
  • DD330MTSE, Data Acquisition in Motorsports 1 (3)
  • DD331MTSE, Data Acquisition in Motorsports 2 (3)
  • SP455, Spanish Second Language Acquisition (3)

* Other courses qualify; see the Program Director for a complete list.