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Butler University Bulletin

Lacy School Curriculum

Essential elements of the undergraduate curriculum are the University Core Curriculum, common business studies, professional development, and majors. Curriculum guides, which list the specific courses required for each major and their sequencing, may be obtained from the LSB office. All students complete the following four modules:

University Core Curriculum

The purpose of the Core is to build broad interests and knowledge as a foundation for a change-oriented business career and useful life. The largest portion of the Core is taken when the student is a first-year student or sophomore.

Common Business Studies

These courses provide students with a thorough understanding of business basics. The component comprises approximately 50 credit hours of accounting, economics, marketing, finance, business law, operations management, organizational behavior, and information technology courses. A capstone academic experience also is required in addition to practical experiences. Most of this element is taken in the sophomore and junior years.

Professional and Career Development Program

This portion of the program helps the student develop a career interest, a sense of emerging professionalism, problem-solving skills, and communication experience, as well as aids in attaining entry-level employment. This program includes two required internships as well as career development courses and activities.

NOTE: The information found on this website with respect to major/minor/program requirements is primarily directed at providing prospective students a general roadmap of the curriculum. Current Butler students are expected to review their degree audit report at and speak with their advisor regularly for detailed information regarding their specific degree requirements and their progress toward degree completion.