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Butler University Bulletin

Lacy School of Business

COB class


Steve Standifird, PhD, Dean; Craig Caldwell, PhD, Associate Dean, Graduate and Professional Programs; William K. Templeton, PhD, Associate Dean for Careers and Undergraduate Studies; Hilary Buttrick, JD, Chair of Economics, Law, and Finance; Margaret Padgett, PhD, Chair of Marketing and Management; William Terando, PhD, Chair of Accounting, Management Information Systems, Operations, and Statistics; Shadden Sion, MBA, Academic Advisor; Marietta Stalcup, MBA, Director of MBA; William Gulley, MBA, Executive Director, Butler Executive Education; Trent Ritzenthaler, BS, Executive Director, Butler Business Consulting Group; Kim Goad, MS, Director, Career Development; Kathleen Hood, MBA, Director of Budgets and Grants; Abby Thompson, MBA, Director of Marketing


Robert B. Bennett Jr., JD; Steven Dolvin, PhD; Peter Z. Grossman, PhD; Robert Mackoy, PhD; Sakthi Mahenthiran, PhD; William Rieber, PhD; Steve Standifird, PhD; William K. Templeton, PhD

Associate Professors

Hilary Buttrick, JD; Craig Caldwell, PhD; Courtney Droms-Hatch, PhD; Stephanie Fernhaber, PhD; Richard E. Fetter, PhD; Kathy A. Paulson Gjerde, PhD; Barry E. King, DBA; Larry J. Lad, DBA; Daniel H. McQuiston, PhD; Margaret Padgett, PhD; Peter Prescott, JD; Victor Puleo, PhD;  James Sander, PhD; Deborah Skinner, PhD; Sheryl-Ann Stephen, PhD; William Terando, PhD; Hongjiang Xu, PhD

Assistant Professors

Bryan Cataldi, PhD; Bryan Foltice, PhD; Ronia Hawash, PhD; Marleen McCormick, PhD; Mauricio Melgarejo, PhD; Jennifer Rice, PhD; Hessam Sarooghi, PhD

Clinical Professor

Zachary Finn, MBA, Director of the Davey Risk Management and Insurance Program


Matthew Caito, MBA; Cathy Chamberlaine, MBA; Jason Davidson, MBA; Jeff Durham, MBA; Amy Giesler, MPAcc; Lisa Hines, MBA; Randy Keeling, MBA; Michael Lewinski, JD; Alyson Lurker, JD; James McKneight, JD; Kristi Mitchell, MBA; NaShara Mitchell, JD; Stephen Nelson, MBA; John Pemberton, MA; Laura Stephan, JD; Lori Tindall, MBA

Adjunct Faculty

Katie Abernathy, MBA; Eric Averitt, MBA; Kimberly Bremer, MBA; Donald Broad, JD; Russell Clark, MBA; Donald Coffin, PhD; Annette Coulombe, MBA; Melissa DeFrench, JD; Ayn Engle, JD; John Giacomantonio, JD; Kim Goad, MS; Shelley Gupta, JD; Richard Hoogerwerf, MBA; Kathryn Hudspeth, MBA; Steve Krusie, MBA; Ted Kuhn, MA; Cate Lambert, MBA; Zach Linder, MBA; Marie Mackintosh, MBA; Mark Maddox, JD; James Mattingly, MBA; Meredith McCutcheon, JD; Pat Meister, PhD; Carrie Meyer, MS; Courtney Mickunas, MBA; Chris Norwood, MPA; Timothy O’Donnell, MA; Josh Owens, MSc; Donald Palmer, MBA; Eloise Paul, BS; Deidre Pettinga, PhD; Todd Richardson, JD; Tim Robinson, JD; Heidi Schmidt, MD; Joerg Schreiber, PhD; Scott Scoville, MBA; Cari Sheehan, JD; Michael Simmons, DBA; Marietta Stalcup, MBA; Padma Swaminathan, PhD; Mike Thomas, MBA; Heidi Thompson, MBA; Kevin Thompson, JD; Jerry Toomer, PhD; Scott Troyer, MS; Tadas Viskanta, MBA; Brandt Voight, JD; Charles Williams, BA

Executives in Residence

Jerry Toomer, PhD; Scott Troyer, MS

Executive Career Mentors

Randy Brown, BA; Judie Conley, JD; Jan Chronic, MBA; Roland Dorson, BA; Tom Flowers, MBA; Ed Friel, BS; Ronald Gress, BS; Paul Madden, BS; Rusty McKay, MBA; Carrie Meyer, MS; Eloise Paul, BS; Barry Simich, MS; Jane Surges, MS, SPHR; Charles Williams, BA

Administrative Staff

Undergraduate Programs: Brenda Bantz, BS, Administrative Specialist, Career Development Program; Beth Falkenbach, Administrative Specialist, Reception/Careers Support; Gina Head, Administrative Specialist, Dean’s Office; Susan Wiggington, Administrative Specialist.

Graduate Programs: Ashley O’Riley, BS, Administrative Specialist Gregory Osland, PhD, Director of Assessment

Butler Business Consulting Group

Trent Ritzenthaler, BS, Executive Director; Brian Landis, MSIA, Managing Director; Ginger Lippert, MBA, Manager; Chris Stump, MBA-CPA, CFO Services; Caitlyn Cole, BS, Consultant; Diana Todd, BA, Senior Administrative Assistant

Career Development Consultants

Lori Coe, MBA; Mike Thomas, MBA, SPHR; Lorraine Vavul, MBA

Butler Executive Education

William Gulley, MBA, Executive Director; Angi Schneidt-Thomas, BA

Old National Bank Center for Closely Held Business

Trent Ritzenthaler, BS, Interim Director; Jennifer DeWitt, BGS, Administrative Specialist

Lacy School of Business Website

Student Learning Outcomes

The faculty of the LSB has identified the following outcomes for all students completing its undergraduate curriculum. They address what students should know, be able to do, and value.

  • Describe and explain how generalized business knowledge is used to make decisions and solve business problems
  • Recognize and apply specialized, functional business knowledge to make decisions and solve business problems
  • Identify contemporary, global macro-environmental trends and issues, and describe opportunities and threats they present to businesses
  • Display knowledge and skills in the areas of teamwork and leadership
  • Display clear, concise, and professional communication skills
  • Display critical-thinking skills, including the ability to integrate and analyze information, make decisions, and solve problems
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ethical and American law principles and concepts, and practice ways to develop and evaluate sound legal and ethical decision making in life and business

Specific student learning outcomes for each major appear along with the descriptions on the majors and minors page within this site.

Degree Programs

  • Major in Accounting (BS)
  • Major in Economics (BSE)
  • Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BS)
  • Major in Finance (BS)
  • Major in International Business (BS)
  • Major in Management Information Systems (BS)
  • Major in Marketing (BS)
  • Major in Risk Management and Insurance (BS)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Public Accounting (MPAcc)
  • Master of Science in Risk & Insurance (MSRI)
  • Minors in Business (general), Business Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Health Care Management, International Business, Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Risk Management and Insurance