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Butler University Bulletin

Doctor of Pharmacy with Patient Care Research Concentration

The elective patient care research concentration within the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum will provide students an opportunity to participate in patient care-focused research. The concentration comprises 12 credit hours of patient care research, at least 2 credit hours of independent study, and 2 credit hours of patient-care research seminar topics. The research activity will be completed in a clinical practice setting and will be performed under the direct supervision of a COPHS faculty member.

Student Learning Outcomes

In addition to the student learning outcomes for the Pharmacy Program, at the completion of the patient care research concentration the student will be able to: 

  • Conduct a thorough literature review and write a concise summary of the literature relevant to a research project using appropriate critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Generate, evaluate, analyze, and interpret patient-care data using the principles of scientific research integrity
  • Prepare and submit an IRB application or complete an IRB continuing review for the research project
  • Using knowledge gained through independent study and research seminar courses, conduct a patient-care research study with minimal supervision
  • Create and present a written manuscript and oral presentation summarizing the background, methods, results, and conclusions of the conducted research


The College reserves the right to change the Doctor of Pharmacy with Patient Care Research Concentration curriculum at the discretion of the faculty.

Years 1–3 as found here.

Second Professional Year

Courses (Fall Semester)

  • RX400S, IPE and Professional Development 2 (1)
  • RX403, Therapeutics 1 Case Studies (1)
  • RX411, Prin of Drug Action 1 (4)
  • RX413, Therapeutics 1 (3)
  • RX415, Self-Care and Health Promotion 1 (3)
  • RX421, Introduction to Dosage Forms (4)
  • RX427, Pharmacy Applications of Biostatistics and Research Design (2)
  • RX602/603 Independent Study (2)

Total Semester Hours: 20

Courses (Spring Semester)

  • RX401, IPE and Professional Development 3 (1)
  • RX404, Therapeutics 2 Case Studies (1)
  • RX412, Prin of Drug Action 2 (4)
  • RX414, Therapeutics 2 (3)
  • RX416C, Self-Care and Health Promotion 2 (3)
  • RX422, Advanced Dosage Forms (4)
  • RX432, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management (2)

Total Semester Hours: 18

Third Professional Year

Courses (Fall Semester)

  • RX501, IPE and Professional Development 4 (1)
  • RX503, Therapeutics 3 Case Studies (1)
  • RX511, Principles of Drug Action 3 (4)
  • RX513, Therapeutics 3 (3)
  • RX522, Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics (3)
  • RX531, Evidence Based Medicine (2)
  • RX6xx, Professional Elective (0-4)
  • RX633, Current Topics in Pharm Sci (1)

Total Semester Hours: 15–19

Courses (Spring Semester)

  • RX502, Intro to Rotations (1)
  • RX517W, Therapeutics & Case Studies 4 (4)
  • RX526, Pharmacy, Policy, and the Law (3)
  • RX523, Clinical Pharmacokinetics (3)
  • RX527, Health Outcomes & Pharmacoeconomics (2)
  • Professional Elective or Liberal Education Elective (3-6)
  • RX634, Seminarsin Pharm Sci (1)

Total Semester Hours: 17–20

Fourth Professional Year


  • 3 Patient care research rotations (12)
  • 7 Patient care rotations (28)

Total Semester Hours: 40

NOTE: The information found on this website with respect to major/minor/program requirements is primarily directed at providing prospective students a general roadmap of the curriculum. Current Butler students are expected to review their degree audit report at and speak with their advisor regularly for detailed information regarding their specific degree requirements and their progress toward degree completion.