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Butler University Bulletin

Middle/Secondary Education

The Middle/Secondary Education Program is committed to preparing teachers and other professionals to work toward achieving our College’s core values and shared vision for education. We believe all our programs must prepare our candidates for schools and communities as they should be, not simply perpetuating them as they currently exist. The program is a comprehensive teacher education program that combines in-depth preparation in the academic content areas of English, mathematics, science (biology, chemistry, physics), social studies, special education plus a focus area, physical education, health education, or foreign language (French, German, Spanish) with the professional teacher education skills necessary for success in educational contexts for undergraduates seeking licensure in grades 5–12 in these areas.

Indiana teacher licensure for physical education, health education, and music education is P–12. Minors and/or licensing are also available in English as a New Language, Special Education—Mild Interventions, Reading Teacher—Secondary, Recreation and Sports Studies, and Sport Coaching. Specific curriculum requirements for each content area are available at