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Sports Media

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Why Study Sports Media?

The sports media industry has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business that involves ongoing technological innovation that allows media professionals to expand sports content across multiple media platforms. While sports continues to deliver massive audiences and advertising revenue to the media, sports coverage has become the product that drives audience interaction and interest in sports. In short, the sports media industry has become the defining commercial and cultural connection for both industries. Given its proliferation, numerous career opportunities exist for graduates with a sports media degree.

Why Study Sports Media at Butler?

Butler’s Sports Media Program places students in one of the nation’s leading sports cities, covering NCAA and pro-sporting events like the Final Four, NFL Monday Night Football, and “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”—the Indianapolis 500. Students develop and broaden their skills and understanding of the industry on the field, in the press box, and in the locker room at some of the nation’s biggest sporting events. We offer:

  • Rich, hands-on education in sports journalism, sports media and information, sportscasting, and sports media production
  • High-quality internships with professional sports organizations, such as the NFL Colts, the NBA Pacers, the NCAA, and the Indianapolis Sports Corporation
  • Wide-ranging opportunities to participate in our student-led, multi-platform sports media outlet; produce live streams of Butler Athletics; and build your professional network through Butler’s sports industry connections

Sports Media Student Learning Outcomes

After completion of the Sports Media degree, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the sports media industry and its historical, cultural, and economic aspects
  • Gather information through appropriate methods
  • Communicate information to audiences
  • Use communication technology effectively
  • Demonstrate team-building, collaboration, and leadership
  • Apply professional, ethical, and legal standards in the field

Degree Program

  • Major in Sports Media (BA)