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Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism and Creative Media

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Why Study Journalism?

Journalism is all around us. It appears on our televisions, computers, mobile devices, and on the printed page. It is both a discipline that is indispensable to the world’s democratic societies and an approach to communication that has been universally adopted by news organizations and the media industry as well as government bodies, law firms, trade associations, corporations, nonprofit groups, and digital entrepreneurs. In fact, almost every profession uses the knowledge, skills, and mind-set of journalism to tell its stories and present information. In short, journalism has become a gateway degree that applies regardless of where your career path leads.

As highly innovative and creative professionals, journalists today use a wide range of digital tools and investigative approaches to produce meaningful, multidimensional content and stories that inform, teach, attract, entertain, and engage audiences. Individuals who produce journalism are adept at finding, questioning, analyzing, interpreting, and explaining complex information and data. While vast opportunities abound for students trained in journalism, the true value of the profession flows from its commitment to seek the truth and provide people throughout the world with accurate, verified information that is used to effect change, chronicle the human condition, and improve and enrich lives, communities, and nations.

Why Study Journalism at Butler?

The Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism and Creative Media offers a newly designed undergraduate degree that prepares students for the demands of the ever-changing media world in which we live. At Butler, we offer:

  • Hands-on coursework that integrates audio, video, visual, and interactive technologies and social media with audience-based writing to produce engaging multimedia stories and digital content
  • Field-reporting experiences that allow students to gain professional knowledge while making valuable contacts in the Indianapolis metro area
  • Publication of professionally produced coursework on news, sports, and community-based websites to enrich résumés and portfolios
  • Wide-ranging opportunities to participate in our nationally recognized, student-led media organizations
  • Fundamental working knowledge of the ethical, legal, economic, and global aspects of the field
  • Internship opportunities in Indianapolis and Washington, DC, and an extensive alumni network of successful professionals in Indianapolis and throughout the country

Journalism Student Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in journalism at Butler will learn to produce professional-quality stories and programming for a variety of audiences in a variety of media formats. In the process, students will develop professional skills, competencies, and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Gather information through appropriate research methods
  • Organize information to engage media audiences
  • Use communication technology effectively
  • Produce professional-quality media
  • Evaluate the quality of mediated communication
  • Articulate the importance of diversity in mediated communication
  • Explain media in a global context
  • Discuss the role of media economics and regulation in the field
  • Apply professional, ethical, and legal standards

Degree Programs

  • Major in Journalism (BA)
  • Minor in Journalism